Quikr, India’s largest home grown online and mobile classifieds portal which was started in Mumbai in the year 2008 and now has expanded in 900 cities across India. With such a large expansion, it has introduced a new service named “Quikr Nxt”. Previously buying and selling things online was not recommended in a country like India.

Quickr Nxt Featured ImageHowever, since people have adopted the “Trend” of buying and selling and because people have adopted it and many transactions take place on Quikr, Quickr has launched “Quikr Next” which allows people to communicate with each other without sharing their number before buying or selling items.

What is Quikr Nxt? Is it just a Messenger for Buyers and Sellers?

Well, Quikr NXT is a service which was launched by Quikr to make the transactions safe and fast, Quikr NXT allows a potential buyer or a seller to have communication without sharing their personal details, Quikr NXT is not just a service which would allow to communicate but it also offers free delivery.

Quikr NXT Free Messenger and Free DeliveryPreviously the sellers selling items using Quickr had to arrange the mode of delivery on their own, which caused much delay in the transactions and because of which the transaction sometimes took more than the required time to be completed. However the below announcement clarifies that with Quikr Next there will be free delivery which would be done by the company itself.

[alert-announce]Pranay Chulet, Founder and CEO, Quikr said, “Delivery services in this category are a very local phenomenon and for that we are looking at tying up with local or regional movers and packers”[/alert-announce]

How does Quikr NXT reduces time and ensures a Safe Transaction?

Before the Quikr NXT, the buyers and sellers  who were buying or selling products/services on Quikr were allowed to communicate via Email Communication, However, normally people don’t have a practice to check their mails daily and even if they check sometimes because of spam mails people ignore the mail which caused a delay in the transaction.

Quikr NXT

The Quikr NXT service was tested in various cities and it was found that the transaction which used to take around 3-4 days was completed within a day or two. It was not just tested for a single time, it was tested many times and the results were really enchanting.

How Safety?

Well, there are still people who are worried while they do transactions online, it’s because of the traditional mindset of getting cheated. Email communication being a formal way of communication, the doubts about the product can’t be cleared. But messaging is an informal way of communication and this makes people ask all the silly doubts regarding the products and it also allows sending of Images which can be important if you want to look the product from all the sides.

However to use this service on your Android, You need to Download the Quikr Android App and to use it on your Computer System you are required to maintain Quikr Account. isn’t it a good Idea? where Customers can send messages without sending any personal details ?

Why would I prefer Chatting Over a Phone?

Before buying any product it is better to know more about the product, Communicating with the seller on an email would consume a lot of time and there might be a delay in the communication which might lead to delay in the completion of transaction. I’ve already mentioned the reasons why I would prefer chatting in the above part of the post while explaining the feature, However here are the reasons listed why I would prefer chatting over a phone (using Quikr NXT) are :

  1. Complete Knowledge about the Product
  2. Reducing in time taken to complete the transaction
  3. Can ask “important questions” in case have any doubt regarding the product.

First Image Source : Indiblogger

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