Many people like to incorporate pet-related technology into their homes to help them care for their furry friends. It provides its fair share of pros, but some may worry about the cons related to technology. We sat down with dog experts from Good Pup Life about pet-related tech products and if purchasing them is good for your dog or posing any kind of harm. You can review the pros and cons listed below to see how they would benefit you.


Save some time

We want to start by pointing out three pros you may notice with pet-related technology.

Save Some Time

You can start by making your life easier when you purchase pet-related technology. For example, some people will buy automatic food and water dispensers to feed their pets, so you don’t have to refill it on your own and remember to do so. On top of that, you can also save time since you won’t have to fill his or her bowls each day.

You can also find other pet-related technology to save you time such as electric pet doors. These doors will come with a collar that works as a key, so if your pet approaches the pet door, it will automatically open. There is speculation surrounding electric dog doors as some present a safety hazard when malfunctioning, so make sure you find a reputable dog door company – or go with a traditional dog door that allows your pet to come and go as they please. This will end up saving time since you won’t need to get up and open the door each time your dog wants to go outside.

Make Training Easier

You can also simplify pet training when you take advantage of technology. For example, you may want to train your dog regularly to help him or her develop good behavior, so you can make it easier with a pet camera. Some dog cameras will include treat dispensers along with the camera, so you can talk to your pet, have him or her do a trick and reward the action.

This type of technology makes it easy for you to train your pet even when you can’t be at your house. You can also look into other technology to make training easier such as getting a collar that plays a noise to interrupt bad behavior. In short, you have plenty of options when it comes to pet-related technology to simplify the training process.

Save Money

This may seem unlikely, but you can end up saving money if you decide to use pet-related technology. For example, you would have to hire someone to feed your pet when you need to go to work, but an automatic feeder will fix that problem. The same applies to automatic pet doors since he or she can go out and use the bathroom.

In short, even though you initially spend money on these pieces of technology, you can save money since you don’t need to hire people to help you. You also won’t have to hire someone to train your pet since you can train him or her on your own with the right technology. This will make things simpler and cheaper for you even if you have to spend some money at first.


Unexpected Malfunctions

Now that we talked about the pros, we should consider the cons.

Unexpected Malfunctions

As you have pet-related technology in your home, you must deal with unexpected malfunctions. Even if you have a training collar with a remote, the remote may stop working at times. For example, the batteries could run out, or the remote may not work during random intervals.

You can run into other malfunctions such as food dispensing at the wrong times or not dispensing enough of it. You can run into all kinds of malfunctions and problems with technology, so you may get annoyed when these problems arise. If you don’t like the idea of dealing with this, you may not want to purchase pet-related technology.

Refilling and Replacing as Needed

On top of that, you have to refill your pet-related technology at times. For example, if you use a food or water dispenser, you need to make sure they have enough food and water in them. You must go through the trouble of filling them back up whenever they run out of anything.

To add to this point, you don’t know when your technology may break on you. If this happens, you have to either care for your pet without it or buy a replacement which will cost a fair amount of money. The maintenance, refilling and replacing aspect of pet-related technology may turn some people away from it.

Electrical Issues

Depending on the pet technology you purchased, you could run into electrical issues as you use them. Some of them may require you to plug them in, so you can’t use them if the electricity goes out on you. This means you’ll have to work around what your pet needs if you face a power outage or a similar issue at your home.

The issue still applies to technology without outlets. For example, you could have pet-related technology running on batteries, so those will run out eventually. That means the range on them could drop or stop working after a while, so you’ll need to replace them and work around electrical problems as needed.


simplify the training process

Even though pet-related technology has some cons you must consider, the pros make it a great choice for homes. After all, it can help you save money, simplify the training process and save you some time. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you should look into the technology available to make life easier for you and your pet.

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