Struggling to get more done in less time these days? There’s an app for that! When it comes to living your best work-life, it’s not always easy to follow a schedule – especially when there are so many distractions around you 24/7. But thanks to larger screens and more powerful processors, your smartphones can be a mobile workstation, letting you manage the most tedious tasks when you’re out and about.

That’s why we’ve put up a list of some of the best productivity apps to help you become more organized, focused, and on task to become successful in 2021 and beyond. Whether you need a little help to keep up with your personal projects, do simple tasks like converting PDF document to Excel or finding ways to be more productive while working from home, these useful apps will help you manage your daily tasks and schedule – and will definitely help make life bearable when it comes to getting things done.

But which productivity apps deserve some room on your home desktop? Our list crosses everything from online planners, editing tools, customer retention software and time management apps to others designed to fix your bad habits, promote your focus and even prevent you from getting distracted and procrastinating. No matter what kind of app you decide to install, though, you will soon be on your way to checking off everything on your do-do-list.

Best Productivity Apps

Evernote (Android, IOS Free)


For some of you, smartphones have quickly become one of the utmost threats to your productivity. While for others, they are the greatest productivity app ever known. With Evernote, you can unleash the potential of your pocket computer to optimize your productivity.

As a popular planner and note organizer app, Evernote works wonders for those who need to take notes and organize their ideas in one place. The app allows you to capture web pages not just with writing but also with audio, photo, digital sketches, PDFs, and more – and it’s instantly searchable (even with images). Not to mention you can sync all your notes across different devices for an effortless way to keep it all on the go.

Todosit (Android, IOS: Free)

In need of a simple way to organize and keep track of your daily to-do list?

Look no further. Todosit is a simple yet efficient task management app to use. It allows you to sort and organize and tasks, set reminders and due dates, and even track your progress and collaborate with your peers on different projects. More useful features include options to sort tasks according to tags and priorities. as well as location-based reminders.

Drafts 5 (iOS: Free)

Agile Tortoise makes a quickfire writing and a mean note-taking tool with the fittingly named Drafts, currently in its fifth iteration.

It drafts up and throws you a quick blank page with a keyboard at the ready. Notes and news entries get stored in an Inbox, so you can tag and classify them when you have time. Drafts 5 allows you to use any of the dozens of helpful app integrations and quick actions to turn your briefly written text notes into tweets, documents, social media entries, messages, or emails, while inboxed notes can be tagged for importance, sorting, or archived. With a highly customizable text, you can tweak everything from line-heights to spacing and margins.

PDF Chef (IOS, Android: Free)

Tired of spending too much time with amateurish editing tools? Not anymore. PDFChef by Movavi is all about making managing PDFs in a timely and convenient manner. This software provides all the tools you need to work efficiently and helps you fulfill your daily potential. With the latest update, PDF Chef changed their name to better reflect who they are and what they do.

What do they do? They allow you to read your PDFs free of charge, create documents, edit, convert and convert files to a number of other formats, including TXT, HTML. EPUB and Microsoft Word’s DOC. No matter if you’re an engineer, student, accountant, or architect, this tool can make your work life more bearable.

Just Press Record (IOS: $4.99)

Just Press Record

Just Press is multipurpose one-tap recording software for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch that also adds some valuable features like built-in transcription features for easy note tacking. Just Press allows you to record from a long press on the app icon, from a notification widget or lock screen. (There’s also an Apple Watch feature for Just Press Record – you can find more in this guide on how to use your Apple Watch).

Forest (Android, IOS: $1.99)

If you easily get distracted on your smartphone, then you could use Forest. This unique app encourages procrastinators to put down their devices and stay focused on truly-important tasks. The premise? You plant a seed before a certain task, then set a timer. If you stick to it, your tree grows -but if you exit the app for whatever reason, your tree dies. Forest inspires you to plant your own forest and get things done when they need to be done. (Plus, the app is in a partnership with Trees of the Future, which means you can plant actual trees, so you can help the environment while helping yourself.

Trello (Android, IOS: Free)


This app is great for managing your daily ins and outs– especially if your job requires collaborating with teammates or sharing information with customers. To put it simply, Trello helps you manage and organize your projects with an easy-to-use layout. Less urgent tasks can be grouped into “boards” and “cards,” all of which can be assigned to team members or groups – and then assigned a deadline – for an easy way to manage progress.

Habitica (Android, IOS: Free)

This one isn’t an ordinary habit-tracking app – it’s also an enjoyable role-playing game. Similar to Forest, Habitica relies on gamification to help improve productivity and foster good habits in your daily life.

After assigning your desired habits and daily goals, the app allows you to create a personalized avatar; then, as you finish your assigned tasks, you can “level up” your avatar and unlock cool features like pets, armor, and quests.

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