An absolute giant when it comes to the world of social networking, Facebook has been bringing forward a large number of updates and changes to their app. The latest update to the Facebook Android app, which is currently being tested in Beta is all set to bring ‘private profile mode’ and ‘instant videos’.

The Facebook Android app has been getting numerous, frequent updates. For instance, last week we reported Facebook is testing the following features –

Let us take a look at the latest such update to the Facebook Android app (currently in Beta) –

Private Profile Mode

Facebook’s new private profile mode will allow you to share the content that you post on your timeline only with a smaller group of people who will be a part of your ‘private profile’. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of friends and do not want to share your content with all of them.

This is particularly useful because plenty of Facebook ‘friends’ are actually random acquaintances or people you meet at work and you might not want to share some personal updates with them. The feature is currently being tested in a beta phase on the Facebook Android app.

Instant Videos

In addition to the private profile mode, the Facebook Android app is also testing another new feature – instant videos. This is a particularly interesting feature as it allows users to watch some videos even without internet connection! This works on the same principle as Facebook’s Instant Articles work:

Basically, these are pre-loaded videos, similar to how the Instant Articles are pre-loaded webpages. These will be downloaded automatically and will work only when your Wi-Fi is connected. Similar to the instant articles, these instant videos on the Facebook Android app would also come with a lightning icon, letting you know they are different from other videos.

Stay tuned with us for more updates from Facebook!