SAP is an ERP system that allows organizations to deal with data in their day-to-day operation and is used in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, etc. It offers a wide range of modules and functionalities to help organizations to automate their business processes and operations. It can manage many functions of your organization, such as finance, inventory, sales, etc.

It plays a vital role in the operations of organizations, but the failure of the SAP system can lead to severe consequences. SAP systems also store a lot of information or data that can be lost due to failure. Due to it, businesses might face a huge loss. So, SAP regression testing comes into the picture to address SAP system failure.

SAP Testing

SAP Regression Testing: Importance and Overview

SAP regression testing is a type of software testing that ensures that any changes made in the SAP system don’t affect the function of the software. It is done when any changes or updates are done in the SAP system as minor changes can make a big impact on the system. Performing SAP regression testing ensures that the SAP system is working properly. If any failure occurs, testing will identify the issue and resolve it immediately.

It involves the various aspects of a system, such as function, performance, and security. It can be performed manually and automatically. Automation testing required a few tools, while manual testing required human testers. Both ways are for identifying and resolving the bug before it will start impacting the end user. Generally, manual testing is time taking, expensive, and prone to human error, which gives space to automated testing as it doesn’t take time in testing and prevents human error.

How Does SAP Regression Testing Help Your Businesses?

As we have seen that not performing the SAP regression testing can lead to severe damage to the business. So, we have come up with a few details.

  • If any bugs are found in the system, regression testing identifies the bugs at a very early phase in the development. As the cost of fixing the bug is less in the early phase, and the usage of money, time, and resources increases if bugs are identified in the long run.
  • Performing SAP regression testing ensures better software quality, and the end user doesn’t face any issues. This improves customer satisfaction, which will lead to the retention of customers and an increment in revenue.
  • As SAP regression testing deals with the bugs created after the changes made in the SAP system, it also ensures system stability. It also saves your company’s reputation.
  • Regression testing reduces the potential risk by identifying the bugs that can be associated with software failure. It will help you to reduce financial losses and legal liabilities.
  • Regression testing will help you to comply with the regulation.

SAP Regression

SAP Regression Testing Strategies

  •   Selective Testing

This process is used when time and resources are limited. In this process, we select the frequently used functionalities to test.

  •   End-to-End Testing

It is one of the most used testing processes when developing any software as it involves the entire business process, from start to finish. It ensures that all the interconnected functions are working as expected. This is the best testing process when it comes to detecting the bugs that arise due to minor code changes.

  •   Automated Testing

It is performed with the help of testing tools. In this process, the business requires to set up business cases to perform the test automatically. It saves too much money in the long run as you can do unlimited testing after setting up the test case.

  •   Risk-Based Testing

This is the best when any changes are made in the code. It is performed on the area that is most likely to be affected after code changes. It is helpful when time and resources are limited.

  •   Exploratory Testing

This is for exploring the hidden and unexpected bugs that are not identified in other testing strategies. When bugs are unknown, this is the best testing strategy.

Common Challenge and Solution of SAP Regression Testing

Companies might have to face issues with the large test suit, and it becomes challenging with manual testing. SAP covers a wide range of business functionality and releases frequent minor updates, so it increases the test cases. Using automation tools for SAP regression testing will help to deal with the large test suit.

tools for SAP regression

Most businesses lack the technical knowledge as they have to pay for the highly skilled tester. Using the no-code automation tools will break the technical barrier, and you don’t need to have knowledge of programming language or don’t need to hire an employee.

Final Thoughts!

As we have discussed, using no-code tools will solve the major challenge of your organization, such as a lack of programming knowledge or dealing with a large suitcase. Opkey is a no-code automation tool that is simple to use without any knowledge of programming language.

We have a simple user-friendly UI, so you don’t have to struggle with the SAP regression testing, and you can focus on other important things. We track the data and share the reports of testing when it is done.

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