Preparing for college for the first time can be a unique experience, complete with all the nervousness, excitement, and anticipation that can arise when embarking on an invigorating new journey.

It is often a time of great discovery and personal development, as for many hopeful students, it is their first chance to move away from home.

Making sure you are preparing for college the road ahead is crucial in making the most out of your time as a student, and starting as you mean to go on is highly beneficial in the long term.

Thankfully, there are some great tech choices to help you out along the way should you need them.

5 Great Tech Choices to Help You Preparing for College

A Laptop

How to Optimize Your Laptop for Work

Some students take the risk and opt to forgo a personal laptop, but this can put you in some incredibly tricky situations, as it can be such a vital tool to rely on.

Thankfully, some fantastic companies offer student discount laptops, so it might be worth giving yourself the extra freedom and picking one up when you can. They can be an essential addition to the toolbelt of the modern student, as their portability and high functionality make them a wonderful study companion.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you have had to strain your brain to concentrate amid the bustle of a thriving café, you will likely know that it can lead to some serious headache.

There will probably be times when noisy roommates, partygoers, and study groups provide you with an annoying distraction, so investing in some noise-canceling headphones can be a superb way to combat this.

Money-Saving Apps

Preparing for college students is almost synonymous with frugality and scarcity, so you might find yourself striving to save every penny you can.

This can be made easy with the help of some handy apps, as they can allow you to take care of your daily spending and your budget with ease and efficiency.

An External Hard Drive

An External Hard Drive

There might be nothing more infuriating in the heat of the moment than losing your painstakingly crafted essay as a result of data corruption.

A good way to protect your sensitive files and schoolwork is to back them on an external hard drive, as the added stress of worrying about digital security on deadline day is probably the very last feeling you need.

Cloud storage space is a good alternative if you feel as though you might lose the external hard drive as well as everything else.



Courses that require a huge amount of reading, such as English, History, Sociology, and Business, can quickly take their toll on your wallet as a result of the sheer number of books you will need to buy. In that case E-books can help you preparing for college.

Many digital versions of books are far cheaper, so taking an e-reader can allow you to not only save your spine from lugging around a mountain of literature but it can also save you money in the long term.

When preparing for college, it is good to check out the recommended reading on the course in advance, as this can allow you to get your books downloaded and read in time to show off your knowledge on the very first day.

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