LG recently announced their gen-next smartphone, the LG G6  at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The phone was awaited for months, and when it finally came out, it has been welcomed with open arms. The sales figures are already strong in South Korea with over 30,000 devices sold and over 80,000 pre-orders. Those based in US now get a new offer – if they buy or pre-order the LG G6 before the 30th of April, they get a Google Home for free!

LG and Google have been closely associated in many past projects. The two have worked on the Google Nexus devices on multiple occasions, LG was the first to release the Android Nougat OS with their LG V20, and the first to announce the Google Assistant on a non-pixel device. Now, LG will be giving away free Google Home units to those who buy the LG G6 before the 30th of April.

Users need to sign up on the LG promo website to avail this. As of now it is in the pre-registration phase as the launch as well as pre-order dates are yet to be announced for the US users. However, after you buy your LG G6, you will need to submit a proof of purchase at the LG Promo page, following which you will get your free Google Home in the next week or two. While it comes free as a part of this promo, for those who would go to purchase it separately, it costs $129.

This offer where LG is offering the Google Home with the LG G6 comes with the tag line ‘Good Things Go Together’. The Google Assistant powered Google Home will indeed go well alongside the G6, which support the Google Assistant. This is indeed a ‘generous’ promo, and saves you $129 if you plan to buy the Google Home in the future.

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