Over the past few years it has been observed that the streaming video technology has been progressing at a rather rapid pace. Especially in 2016, this has picked pace, and things are getting faster now than ever before. Users are now able to do more with streaming content than they ever could. However the one thing that is hard to do is to download streaming content to view it at your own convenience. PlayOn cloud is an app that aims at solving this problem.


This app is basically a streaming video recorder which records contents from many popular streaming services. Hulu, Amazon Video, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, HBO NOW, PBS, The CW, and YouTube are all covered under this app. While it is an iOS only app for now, we believe and Android version of the app too, is on its way in the future.

While many apps such as Netflix have now started providing for ways of offline streaming of content, there are a large number of apps that do not allow this. Offline streaming has been something that the app makers look down upon. However, the users find it a lot more convenient to view the content in their own time. It is not necessary that users have access to high-speed streaming data all the time.

The PlayOn cloud app charges the users $0.99 every time a recording is made. All the users need to do is to select the show they want to be recorded, and it will be done. Users no longer need to be worried about the show being taken off-air after it has streamed, or missing a show due to bad internet connectivity, as PlayOn cloud does the task really well. Users can also download these recordings on to their computers to watch it on a bigger screen!

For those wondering if the app is legal, the creator of the app has answered the question well by saying it is a fully legal app as it falls under the DVR category of apps. It is a digital video recorder, and is completely legal to download and use.