Previously I shared a trick which enabled Android users to download any song from SoundCloud using the official SoundCloud App itself, but not all use SoundCloud app, a good number of users use Gaana because, it allows downloading of song on Android app for free, Even after allowing user to Download songs, it has a limitation i.e. The songs downloaded from the Gaana app won’t show in the other music players or even in the File manager.

Convert Gaana Songs HD and PLay it another music players

As the title of the post suggests, I’ll be sharing with you a trick to show the songs which you’ve downloaded from Gaana in another music players like Play Music or the default music player or any other music player which exist in your Smartphone. So let’s begin with the steps so that, you can show the Downloaded songs in another music players and play them without even opening the Gaana Android App and you can also play them even after uninstalling the Gaana App.

How to Play Songs Downloaded from Gaana Android App in Another Music Players like Play Music, VLC Player.

This guide is very simple and easy to follow, but there are few things which you should note, “The content is downloaded by the Gaana App to your Smartphone” we are just sharing the trick which will enable you to play the songs downloaded using the Gaana app on any other music player in your Smartphone, Hence we won’t be responsible for any consequences faced, by following the instructions, you agree to the statement. Now, let’s begin the steps without wasting a second more.

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Things required:

  • Android Smartphone.
  • Gaana App Installed.
  • Internet Connection (or songs already downloaded inside Gaana App)
  • ES File Explorer.

Step 1: Start the Gaana Android app and Download Songs you wanted to download.

download gaana songs from gaana app and play it in any player

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This step involves downloading of a Song using the official Gaana Android app, and once downloaded the downloaded songs will be shown in the Gaana app’s Download list. So you can play the song by going into that list, but you won’t find the song in another music players and hence won’t be able to play the song in those apps.

Step 2: Open ES File Explorer and “Turn on” show hidden files feature of the File Explorer.

Show Hidden Files Feature in ES Explorer

This step will enable the ES File Explorer to show all the hidden files, which are not visible normally. To show Hidden files in ES Explorer. Start the ES File Explorer and click on a button which has 3 horizontal lines on the left hand corner and scroll down and turn on the “show hidden files” feature, this will enable the File explorer to show all the hidden files in your Android Phone.

Note: Don’t manipulate any other Hidden files, else there are cases that there might be some issues with the Software if any important hidden file is modified.

Step 3: Find the “Gaana” Folder inside “Android > Data” in Internal Storage or External Storage (if exists)

DownloadHidden Songs Gaana Android App

Gaana creates a hidden folder and stores the songs in an unknown format which only the app could understand and a user can’t. If you are having an External SD card inserted, open the SD Card in ES File Explorer and navigate to : “Android à Data à com.gaana à Files à .gaana” and you will see Files with Unknown Format (if you’ve not downloaded any song in the Gaana app, you won’t see any file), But on following the first step even if you downloaded a song, you will find it in it.

Step 4: Copy/Move the “Unknown Files” to another location.

Download Songs in Gaana Android App and PLay it anywhere

In step 3 we found unknown files in the directory, now select all the files and copy/move it to another location in SD Card, Outermost directory is recommended, Create a folder in the outermost directory and move those files in that folder.

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Step 5: Convert the “Unknown File Format” to MP3

Convert Gaana Songs HD and PLay it another music players

Once you move the unknown files to the new location, select all the files and click on Rename files and a pop up would appear asking you to give name to the files and if you’ve selected multiple files it would also ask you to enter the start number, enter any number and in the Rename Extension name field write “mp3” and click on OK.

That’s it, now reboot your Phone and start any of the music player and you will find all the songs which you downloaded from Gaana Android App playing in another music players also, Now you can rename the files to their respective names, so that you can open the songs and play them when needed, instead of remembering their Sequence number.

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  1. this is easy enough to follow but the problem is that after copying and renaming all the hidden files, we need a way to bulk apply the tags like title / duration / album / artist else they are just numbered with random 8 digit codes so you can’t select a particular song

  2. No it does not help to me … its sshowing the songs but i cannot play those. songs

  3. Sorry, the files are DRM encrypted and can only be played on the Gaana app in the device they were downloaded in.

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