Google Home is Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo. Even after being made by Google, it has not impressed a lot of people who bought them. There is a new feature coming to the Google Home’s Assistant app which would enable the users to play Netflix content on Google Chromecast or Chromecast built-in TV with voice commands.

There is a new Videos and Photos section which has been found under the Google Home’s assistant app, where one can link their Netflix account. For now, the source has just mentioned that only Netflix videos could be played via Google Home’s voice commands. We can expect other rivals like Hulu to arrive soon!

This is taking an assistant to a next level, where Google and Netflix have worked out with an integration which would enable the users to play Netflix content via Google Home voice commands. We could also expect to see something more innovative in the future.

A lot of people haven’t found Google Home very interesting. For an instance, Ben Gilbert from Business Insider, in his review mentioned that Google Home isn’t up to his expectations. It wasn’t able to able to do basic tasks such as setting up a reminder, giving directions. He also reported that the WiFi Signal broke many times.

Sadly, the update hasn’t arrived for all of us, which means it might arrive soon! Did you get the latest update? Please comment and let others know about it.

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