Piece is a smartphone companion which helps in managing the Second SIM on a smartphone which supports single SIM only. Yes, you read it right, with Piece you can handle Two SIM cards on a phone which supports Single SIM. Piece comes with a lot of other features which will really change the way you use your smartphone.

Piece SIM card adapter adds additional SIM card to smartphone.

Remember when we used phones only for calling? Smartphones have actually changed the way we used phones. There are a lot of new features added to the smartphone with every launch, Fingerprint sensor in the smartphone is another addition which helps us to keep the devices secure.

Ever wanted to use your Second SIM in your High-end phone? Most of the High-end phones other than the OnePlus Two & YU Yutopia don’t come with a Dual SIM card and that’s the reason why many people settle with companies like OnePlus or YU.

What is Piece?

Piece in English means a part of something, well it means the same here also but in different context. The ‘Piece’ is a smartphone companion which manages the second SIM on a phone which supports single SIM only using Bluetooth. It is very thin, that it easily fits into the wallet.

It basically allows you to add an extra number to your existing device. There are many people who either buy a Dual SIM phone or many carry two phones though they might not be liking any of the above. With Piece you can avoid carrying both of the phones & buy the smartphone you like.

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Piece not just adds an extra SIM to your Existing device But it is bundled with a lot of other Features.

You are supposed to insert the second SIM into ‘Piece’ and connect ‘Piece’ with your smartphone via Bluetooth. So whenever you receive a call on Piece you will get notified on your Mobile phone. Besides acting as a Dual SIM adapter for your existing device ‘Piece’ also comes with a lot of other features you may love.

Left your Phone somewhere? It will beep as soon as it goes outside the Bluetooth coverage area.

Piece Alerts when Phone is Lost

We people have the habit of forgetting things when we are engaged in some stuff. We don’t do it voluntarily and we can’t avoid such acts. But with ‘Piece’ we can protect ourselves from the loses that might occur from such events.

Piece companion lost

This also works vice versa i.e. In case you are not able to find ‘Piece’ at the place you kept, you can make it Beep using the ‘Piece’ app on your Phone.

With ‘Piece’ you can convert your Apple iPod into a Smart iPod i.e. you can enable calling facility in your Apple iPod.

We all buy iPod’s to have fun time, listen music and play some small games. Though smartphones have everything in them, but there are many parents who still prefer giving an iPod to their children over smartphones. ‘Piece’ can add calling facility in the Apple iPod also.

Being a parent, if your child who has an iPod is going for a tour and will return back in some days, you don’t have to give your phone or buy him a new phone for contacting him, just buying ‘Piece’ will add calling facility to his Apple iPod, thereby saving a lot of money!

‘Piece’ External SIM Card Adapter Specs.

Piece SIM card adapter specs

Sadly, If you are someone who is thinking that Piece can fit inside your smartphone, It actually doesn’t fit inside the smartphone. However, if you are having a good back cover or a case which has a space to keep one extra battery then Piece can fit in that space. The above diagram shows where you will find different slots, keys and the dimensions.

It is good to know the Technical specs before buying the products, so the below Image displays the Technical specs of ‘Piece’ SIM adapter. Previously it just supported the iOS based devices, However, after reaching the stretch goal, The ‘Piece’ development team have also add support for the Android OS.

Piece SIM adapter specs

So if you are someone who is already fed up of carrying two phones or someone who has bought a Dual-SIM phone just for the extra SIM functionality & not because you liked the phone then this device is going to change the way you are going to ever use your Smartphone. Loved it right? We also loved it! Buy Piece from the Below Link.

[button color=”” size=”large” type=”3d” target=”_blank” link=”https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/piece–2#/”]Support & Buy Piece External SIM Card Adapter[/button]

Source: Indiegogo

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