Live video is one of the hottest things that social media has been pushing towards. Facebook started off this trend with Facebook Live, and it was picked up by the likes of Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube as well. However another popular name that has also been contending with Facebook Live has been that of Periscope. With Facebook Live supporting live 360 degree videos, Periscope too began experimenting with it and released it for their iOS users. Periscope for Android too, is now getting this feature.

Live streaming videos combined with the innovative, interactive experience that 360 degree visuals provide has a charm of its own. Over the past couple of years the use of 360 degree cameras, as well as live streaming has been increasing, and Periscope has reacted to the same. Periscope for Android supports live 360 degree videos, but users would need compatible cameras. As of now the only camera that supports Periscope for Android is the Inta360 Air.

However, with changing times, we expect more users to try out Periscope for Android, thereby giving rise to more camera-makers supporting it. We expect the Samsung Gear 360 to be one of those devices in the future, but nothing can be said as of now. While 360 degree live streaming is now coming for Periscope for Android, the iOS users have had it for a little over a month now.

Periscope for Android allows Android users to broadcast their experiences live on their Twitter, sending it across to all their followers. The stream can be viewed even after the broadcast ends and it is a concept that promotes more users to use Twitter. Twitter too, has been going through tough times, and it is with new and innovative options like these that the company keeps engaging more users! This is indeed an interesting concept and will help Twitter as well as Periscope get a boost.