Google Photos has been one of the most popularly used Google services in quite a while. It allows the users to store and edit their photos online. It has been adapted by hundreds of millions of users over the years, and has been a constant feature that comes pre-loaded in most stock Android phones. However of late a strange thing is being observed in this app. People are disappearing from People folders for some people.

Google Photos makes use of image recognition technologies to know the people who are a part of your uploaded photos. This feature helps you locate the photos of people easily. However, in a what appears to be a rather absurd glitch, People from the people folders are randomly disappearing for some users. This issue has been raised by the affected users in the Google forums.

Google has acknowledged the fact that this is a problem that a number of users have been facing. Google is now expected to come out with a solution for this problem shortly. However considering the fact that this problem happened around the Easter holidays, it was a little disappointing for some users.

In order to check if you are being affected by this problem, we advice you to log on to your Google Photos app, and head over to the People folder. There, you would see a number of people. However, if you feel that some faces are missing from the list, it is either that you are affected, or the Flash has been messing with the timelines once again!

As of now Google has not provided any timelines as to when they will be fixing this Google Photos glitch. However it is expected to be fixed shortly and would mostly be a server side fix, meaning that no app update is needed.