Do not use the same password more than once, as unwanted situations may occur. Every stock market password and email should be complex and strong. It is difficult to remember such passwords and passwords. The memory is wrong. Password managers, like Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault, are there to help and are highly recommended. This password manager can help you better protect your passwords and accounts. This security tool helps you avoid dark web attacks, comes as a mobile, desktop, or web application, and even has encrypted chat services. It allows you to securely store our login information on the disk. No unauthorized person will copy this information because our passwords are encrypted in the program memory. They are software that will be of great help to you. You will be carefree and safe. Also, password managers will make it easier for you to think. You will not have to remember so many different passwords or variations of the same passwords. All this will be done by password management software. Use this tool for better protection and a calm mind.

IT security is our number one priority, so we have introduced several solutions to protect your data and privacy. But the security of your data also depends to a large extent on your actions. Passwords (passwords) provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to a computer, e-mails, or hosting package. The stronger the password, the better protected you are from potential attackers, so don’t choose passwords that are easy to guess. Some of the worst and unfortunately most commonly used passwords are 123456, password, admin, or username.

A good password has the following characteristics:

  • It is at least eight characters long
  • It does not contain a username, username, or company name
  • It does not contain the whole word
  • It differs significantly from previous passwords used by the user
  • Contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols (~! @ # $% ^ & * () _ – +,).

Keep in mind that attackers can very easily access passwords stored in text files or an Internet browser.

All operating systems are vulnerable to attacks, but since Windows is still the most popular OS used in most companies and offices, it is most susceptible to all types of attacks. There is a whole range of malware and viruses available for the Windows OS, so they spread very easily and successfully through emails or infected sites. Linux operating systems are better protected than Windows because it is an open-source operating system. On each report of a potential security vulnerability, the community will release the patch so that, as a rule, problems are resolved much faster.

Web Applications | Potential Hack Targets

Web applications are most often exposed to different types of attacks. Attacks that are especially facilitated by insufficiently carefully written scripts or outdated applications, themes, or plugins. Protect your website from attacks by upgrading it in time, and make sure that all additional scripts, plugins, and themes are also updated to the latest version. If you have other applications installed on the package, delete them from the package. Even if not used actively, outdated applications pose a potential security issue.

The two authentication factors involve two separate ways of proving identity. For example, a financial institute or other service providers will open another way for you to authenticate your self with extra set of security.

Many banks today require you to use a number generator that generates an OTP code when “online banking”. Google, PayPal, and Facebook are following the same technology, but they use smartphones to generate code, by using the authenticator app or via an SMS message. In some rare cases, the TFA system can be bypassed, the chance of fraud is much less.

Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for financially sensitive services. If a website or service offers you TFA, get it. Although TFA systems are not 100% safe, it is requires more attention to protect the system. The possibility of burglary still exists, for example, if someone cheats on you under the pretext of checking to see if TFA is activated or not, or if you inadvertently install malware that will intercept code you send over the Internet.

If you need something that will work on all platforms, a password manager that will work no matter what browser it is. Besides, its random password generator means that each password you use will be different. This service is great, mobile applications are also available, but you will still have to do some things yourself.

Despite the password manager, we advise you not to store financial account information or even your primary e-mail address information on it. Separate important from unimportant accounts.

Using several levels of security is a good way to work. It’s best if you can separate unimportant services, such as, for example, forums that don’t sign up anonymously anyway, and very important services like a bank account. Use special e-mail accounts to register for forums, chats, and similar services.

Many of these problems often arise from ordinary human laziness. The decision that we will no longer be lazy when it comes to online security may not help us, but it will certainly significantly mitigate the consequences of our sloppy attitude toward security. As an absolute minimum, try to at least “fence” your primary e-mail and vital financial services. That is the minimum. Use a unique and complex password for each of them.


Regularly update your computer’s operating system, your web applications, themes, plugins, and everything else on the hosting package. Do not enter your password if you have opened a link in an email from an unknown or untrusted page. Always connect to email via verified URLs. Use a good password. Don’t write it down, send it via email, or give it to someone. We will never ask you for your password. If you log in via public networks and computers, log out, do not leave your User Pages logged in, or your email open. If you suspect that someone has unauthorized access to your hosting package, change your password immediately.

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