If you ask a child if they want to spend all summer learning math, your response may not be, shall we say, overly enthusiastic. They’ll sing a different tune when presented with a way to learn how to create their own video games!

The leading online coding programs for kids revolve around teaching kids to program, design, and code their own video games. Let’s check out how they work.

Games At The Heart

kids gaming

Kids as young as seven can learn how to create a custom video game they can play alone or share with friends and family. Do you keep all your child’s artwork? Some do it for mostly sentimental rather than artistic reasons. But imagine if they brought home a game the entire family could play!

Children get as motivated to create video games as they do while playing them. Plus, the best virtual summer coding camp for kids uses gamification concepts in the lessons to harness what in video games engages children for learning purposes.

Learning STEM skills that future grades and employers look for is no game. Actually, it is.

Real Coding Languages Only


When a child takes coding lessons, they need to enjoy themselves and leave with transferable skills. Not everything can be merely fun and games!

That’s why the leading programs focus on teaching the coding languages older students and workers across industries get rewarded for knowing. Don’t sign up for a class unless it teaches in-demand coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

It doesn’t if you’ve written no lines of code or thousands. Between these languages, there’s something engaging and challenging for students of all experience levels. If you have any questions about where to begin, speak to the coding school, and they’ll get you sorted.

Yes, learning general computer skills help kids problem-solve and think laterally. It’s even better when they possess the specific computer skills driving the digital world.

Small Classrooms

kids coding

Children love video games but don’t enjoy being looked over by their teacher or struggling to get their attention. Even in an online learning environment, or perhaps especially online, kids need structured support in an orderly environment.

The best programs cap class sizes at four, so there are never more than three other students per session. Industry leaders run the program no matter what, even if your child is the lone student. Parents enjoy scheduling predictability, while children enjoy having a responsive mentor.

Teachers face an uphill battle when they’re saddled with crowded classrooms that are hard to manage, as do students. Look for a coding camp with small classrooms, and everybody will thrive and enjoy it more.

There’s a lot of understandable hype around preventing students from slipping through the cracks and readying them for the tech future. Summer coding camp classes fully address these issues. More than anything, kids simply love learning how to create video games. If fun is the only thing they leave the program with this summer, that’s more than enough.

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