Online Storage has become a best way to store data and increase in Android Users and High-speed Internet connections there is an increase in the use of Online Storage as well. In this post I’ll be sharing some apps which provide Online Storage Facility. The increase in the use of Online Storage is because one can access his/her data anywhere and at anytime and in any corner of the world what they would just need is Internet access.

Enough of Lecture on Online Storage? Now start telling the apps is what I read from your mind, Chill Let’s Begin!

DropBox – Download Dropbox


DropBox is a free service which enables you to store your Photos, Documents, Videos and any other file format on your DropBox Account and initially it comes with a 2 GB of Space and you can pay and upgrade and get some more free space.

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Suppose you are a camera addict having a good Internet connection then you can also use the Direct Camera Upload Feature of this App which will enable you to directly upload the pics captured by your Camera to your DropBox Account

If you are having a Computer System, then you can also Link your Computer with your DropBox account, so that as soon as something is uploaded to your DropBox account from any other device you are using, the File will be uploaded to your Computer System also, Doing this is not mandatory but is a bit handy, because as soon as your system gets connected to the Internet a Synchronization takes place and the Files in the DropBox folder of your Computer are also uploaded to your DropBox Account.
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Google Drive – Download Google Drive

Google Drive   Android Apps on Google Play

Google Drive is another great Online Storage service which is provided by Google. Google drive enables you to store any type of file, be it your Image, Music, ZIP file or file with any other format. Google Drive App not only allows you to store your data but it also allows you to Create Documents, Spread Sheets and Presentation and stores the document to your Drive automatically when you are connected to the Internet.

I remember using Google Drive App for writing a Blog post while I was travelling in a bus, to write documents you will have to download Docs, which will prompt when you click on Documents in Google Drive. It has clean UI steals the heart of the USER. It is necessary for one to have a Google Account to use the Google Drive, and Google Drive comes with 15 GB of Storage initially and user can upgrade to get some more space by Paying.

OneDrive – Download OneDrive

OneDrive  formerly SkyDrive    Android Apps on Google Play

OneDrive is an Android app which was formerly known as SkyDrive. It comes with 15 GB online storage and you can store your Photos, Videos, Docs and much more.

The Latest update in OneDrive enables you to manage both your Personal and Professional Files. You can manage Professional Files in another menu and Personal Files in another menu. So there would be no interference of Professional and Personal Files on each other!

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