OnePlus Two is one of the most awaited smartphone of these days. OnePlus, the company was started with the main aim of providing products with razor-thin profit margins. Since, the company announced the OnePlus Two, there are many rumors which are coming out.

OnePlus Two Price

Recently an image was posted on the official Facebook fan page of OnePlus which signifies that the price of the OnePlus Two smartphone won’t exceed $450 (USD). With this great price, the company has kept its words ‘Razor-thin profit margins’.

Though the price they are charging for this product isn’t less, but when it comes to the features vs price, the features the OnePlus Two wins the game. According to the announcements made on their official social media networks the OnePlus Two will come with the following features:

  • OnePlus Two will come with Snapdragon 810 Processor.
  • OnePlus Two will have support for USB Type C.
  • OnePlus Two will have a Fingerprint sensor better than Apple iPhone’s TouchID.
  • OnePlus Two will be launched in 3D Virtual Reality.

The official announcements have already attracted the people. Other than the official announcements there are certain rumors about the phone which says that the OnePlus Two will have a Metal Frame and according to the leak on Bluetooth SIG, the OnePlus Two will come in 3 different variants.

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Lets talk about the Price.

The company hasn’t announced the exact price, but it has announced the highest possible price. The maximum possible price of the OnePlus Two is 450 USD which is equivalent to 28,455 INR.

The price is set less, but there are chances that it could be the maximum possible price of the 16 GB variant, and the cost might increase with the increase in the storage capacity. OnePlus hasn’t spoken anything about the variants, but in case this happens, then the price of the variants with higher storage capacity might increase and might exceed $450. However, it can happen differently, that the company may set the price of the highest storage variant less than $450, if this happens then the price of the variants with less storage capacity will decrease.

There is no clear announcement of price, but for now its surely confirmed that the OnePlus Two’s price won’t exceed $450. We will update you in the form of a new blog post in case any other details are known, till then stay tuned to Droidmen.

Source: OnePlus Page

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