One year has passed since OnePlus began its operations in India. The company sells products in India via Amazon India, a known eCommerce site in India.[pullquote]Find attachment at the end of the article[/pullquote] The company has been successfully made a place in the Smartphone market and the OnePlus One smartphone is still loved by many Smartphone enthusiasts. The company has also given hints for the upcoming “OnePlus Two”.

OnePlus-one-service-center-india{adinserter 3}Though it doesn’t have any store or hasn’t partnered with any of the local stores in India, the company has been able to push its products to the market without much efforts. But wait? only sales doesn’t complete the selling process, but “services after sales” completes it. Though the company has produced products with good build quality and components, but that doesn’t mean there is no “Customer service center required”.

Whenever a customer faces the problem with the product, the first thing that strikes into the mind is taking the smartphone/product to the service center. OnePlus sells products online using Amazon and the customers buying those phones can’t contact Amazon in case something goes wrong with the display, speakers, touch, etc. of the phone. Thus, it becomes important for growing companies to have service centers across the country so that the customer can get solution to his problem by going there. In the below link I’ve added a PDF Document which consists the address and contact details of the OnePlus service centers spread across the country. There are almost 37 service centers spread across India in different states and areas (divided on the basis of zones).

OnePlus Service Centers across India Address

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