Over the years Reddit has become a great website for generating discussions. And AMAs(Ask Me Anything) have become a great way for companies to connect with their users.

OnePlus AMA

OnePlus recently conducted an software AMA session, and here we would like to bring to you the major revelations and information shared by the OnePlus officials.

  • OxygenOS 2.2.0 has unfortunately  brought with itself some performance issues on the OnePlus 2, and the OnePlus team is aware about it and has assured that the issues will be solved with Android M update.
  • OnePlus 2 is relatively less developer-friendly, the OnePlus team is prioritizing developer support with the Android M release and is trying to bring more concrete updates to reduce the need of Custom Roms.
  • The powerful but aging OnePlus One will be supported till its End of life, if Cyanogen stops providing the updates for it the in-house Oxygen OS will still provide updates for it.
  • The Android M update for the OnePlus Two will be released in the first quarter of 2016.
  • OnePlus is missing some support from Qualcomm for the OnePlus X, and thus the X’s Android M upgrade has no ETA yet.
  • For OnePlus One, the Oxygen OS has been updated to 2.1.4, but the CyanogenOS is still the official ROM for the OPO.
  • A beta testing program for the Oxygen OS is to be launched soon.
  • The updated kernel source code fot Oxygen OS 2.1.4 will be released in the first week of february.

The AMA is still open for questions, you can visit it here.

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