OnePlus One Smartphone was one of the most talked Smartphone, since the Smartphone came with Pre-Installed CyanogenMod ROM, but because of some issues between OnePlus and CyanogenMod, The OnePlus thought of designing their own ROM and later they termed it at as “Oxygen OS”. Everything went fine, and just 2 days back OnePlus announced that there would be increase in the price of OnePlus One Smartphone in EU.

Oneplus One price rise Europe

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The company blames the drop in the Euro as the reason for increasing the price of the Phone, it said in form of a blog post that it, launched the OnePlus One with a motive of razor-thin profits, but because of the drop in the Euro, their profits turned into 0 margins, Hence the company has decided to increase the price of the OnePlus One.

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The OnePlus One 16GB Silk White would cost €299 and the OnePlus One 64GB Sandstone Black would be priced at €349, However, the company said that the changes would be applied from 25th of March, 2015. The company also adds that there would be no change in the price of the accessories, so in case you were planning to buy the OnePlus One after 25th March, 2015 Buy it now you can buy the OnePlus One at the current price at €269/€299 in a open sale.

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OnePlus One Sale in India without Invite

OnePlus has an open sale in India, in case you are planning to buy and OnePlus One and didn’t get an invite? Don’t worry! OnePlus One would be available without invite on 24th March, 2015 10.00 AM onward on Amazon, There might be a hike in the price of the Indian version also in coming days, so in case you are willing to buy one after sometime, there are chances that the price may increase and you might have to pay something more than the current price of it.

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