Like Motorola partnered with Flipkart and sold the Moto G, Moto X, Moto G Second Gen and Moto X Second Gen exclusively on Flipkart, it seems that OnePlus has partnered with Amazon India to release the OnePlus One Smartphone in India. Amazon India, the e-commerce site, on Friday started showing the release of the OnePlus One Phone on it’s website and on social media channels.

One Plus One Teaser Amazon

The official announcement regarding the availability or price of the OnePlus One is not yet out, but the seeing the teasers from Amazon India, it can be said that the OnePlus One’s Indian Price will be around 25000 INR for the OnePlus One 64 GB version Phone. For now the price and the availability of the phone is not out yet in India.

When will OnePlus One be Available on Amazon?

There are no words both from Amazon and OnePlus about the Release date of the OnePlus One Phone, It would be difficult for one to say when will the Phone will be available for sale on Amazon, But as soon as we come to know about the correct information about the release date of OnePlus One Phone on Amazon, we will surely notify you, you can bookmark this page and we will display a popup as soon as the release date is known.

Can I Buy OnePlus One on Flipkart/SnapDeal?

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According to the sources, OnePlus would launch the OnePlus One Phone exclusively on Amazon, so the simple answer to this question would be, No, you can’t buy the OnePlus One Phone from Flipkart or Snapdeal, but since this is not the official information we have, it can be said that OnePlus might also use Flipkart and other Indian e-Commerce sites to sell the OnePlus One. 90% it won’t be available on Flipkart/Snapdeal etc. But for the 10% I’m not sure, we will have to wait and watch.

Where to Buy OnePlus One?

The above lines tells us that the OnePlus One Phone would be available on Amazon India, but where? We people are damn Lazy and because of that we won’t go and search for the phone until we people have someone sending the link, I understand it, so if you are someone who wants to buy the OnePlus One Phone then Navigate to : OnePlus One Amazon India

Will the Servers get Crashed?

Well, OnePlus has the strategy of selling phones on invite-based basis, for now it is not known How will OnePlus and Amazon Sell the Phone, according to us it would be like the way Xiaomi sold Mi 3 and Redmi 1s on Flipkart, the user would have to first register and on the day of the sale, all the users can go online and buy the phone, there are lot many Indians who Love the OnePlus One Phone, so according to Droidmen, it can be said that the site will remain crowded and there are chances that the server might crash, but since it is Amazon, the chance of getting the server crashed is very less.

Source : Amazon India


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