CRIS (Center for Railway Information Systems) recently launched an app for railway inquiries the NTES app. Since it is available on Android Platform (As well as Windows phone and Windows 8) we installed and tested it. So here is our quick review on it.

NTES   Android Apps on Google Play

The app is pretty small (1.7 MB download and 2.9 Mb install size) and works on devices that have android 2.3 and up, and so is target towards pretty much all android devices in India. Unfortunately no widget was added on our system on installing it, and there was no separate widget on the developer page. Also the default language is English and there is no option to change it to any regional language.

Download NTES App from Playstore on your Android Phone.

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NTES app real life test:

Then we visited our nearest railway station ( Ahmedabad Junction) to check the usability of the app. We checked the “Spot Your Train” function at the station. Here is the screenshot of the Homescreen app, the  information on the station display boards of the station and the information on the app’s spot your train result page.



When we arrived at the station,at 20:04 the train 22475 was shown to be arriving at 20:25 according to the digital displays. But actually the train had already arrived on platform 3 and the app actually had the updated information, that the train arrived on platform 3 at 19:48.

To sum it up, the app is small, fast, does not have any ads, has many features, lacks some features like widget and regional language support, but actually does what it is supposed to do. So we give a  thumbs up to this app. We will provide you the detailed review very soon so stay tuned to Droidmen for more Android news and Reviews.

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