In this post I’ll be sharing with all the posts which were posted from 9th November to 15th November on Droidmen. Well, this post is for the Audience who missed the updates from Droidmen, because of not being in touch due to any reasons. So if you were one who missed reading the stuff on Droidmen between 9th and 15th November then please read this post and get all the stuff you missed.

November 9th : 2 Posts

On 9th November we posted two posts, that day we focused on some Android News which was trending on the Search Here are the 2 articles written that day :

  • Android Lollipop update for LG G3
  • Latest WhatsApp Update enables to know the person who read your message in a group

November 10th : 3 Posts

On 10th November we posted three posts which included Android News, How-to guides, Below are the articles listed which were posted out

  • LG H440N New Android Lollipop Phone from LG.
  • Moto Maxx wouldn’t release in European Market.
  • How to record screen without rooting Android Phone (Android Lollipop)

November 11th : 4 Posts

The November 11th remained a busy day for Droidmen, in which we posted about some Gadget Specifications and Android News regarding Nexus 6 was focused out. Below is the list of articles which were written

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  • Nexus 6 available for pre-order at AT&T
  • Nexus 6 available for sales at Sprint Mobile (Only Sprint)
  • Spice Stellar 470 Specs
  • Spice Stellar 517 Specs

November 12-15 : 3 Posts

These 3 days remained as free days for us, as we are also working on and and the backend part of those sites was being decided. Still, we wanted to maintain the punctuality of posting with quality content so we posted out about Leaks, How-tos and 1 Android News Post, Here is the list of the articles

  • Download Leaked Android Lollipop For Nexus 7 2012 WiFi
  • How to Install Android Lollipop in Galaxy S3
  • Xiaomi Mi 5 Leaked Specs and Images.

The WrapUp posts are for the people who would like to have a glimpse on whatever that took place in the week and if the one who is interested in the topic mentioned in the post, then one can click the link and read more about it.

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