The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has already hit the market and developers have started getting into it, like we install custom recoveries on all the Android Smartphones we can also install a Custom Note 4 TWRP recovery Odin on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 TWRP Recovery Odin

In this guide I’ll tell you the step to install the Note 4 TWRP recovery Odin on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using Odin, using TWRP Recovery you can Install Custom ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Overclock your Phone and do much more with it. So without wasting much of your times let’s move to the steps.

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Installing TWRP Recovery on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Installing Recovery is fun, you could take a Nandroid Backup, Factory Reset, Install Custom ROMs, Overclock the CPU of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4, not only all these you could do much more after installing a Custom Recovery on your Smartphone.

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These many advantages, there comes an hindrance too, while flashing the TWRP Recovery, some problems may arise which can also lead to lose of Warranty, bricking of Smartphone and much more, for all the problems caused Neither Droidmen nor the Author will be responsible. Agree?

Let’s Begin with the Steps of Installing TWRP Recovery

  1. Download TWRP Recovery File and save it on the computer system you are having.
  2. Unzip the Recovery File and Place the file on the Desktop (The location can be any other location too, but we prefer Desktop)
  3. Download Odin and Samsung KIES on your Computer system which you will use for Flashing TWRP Recovery on T-Mobile Note 4.
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  4. Unzip the Odin, install it and install the Samsung KIES software on your system.
  5. Flash the USB Drivers for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using Samsung KIES Software.
  6. Turn off the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Enter into Download Mode, Follow this guide : Enter into Download Mode T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 without pressing Keys. Note : this guide is for Recovery Mode, but follow the same for Download mode.
  7. Run Odin on your Computer system.
  8. Connect your Galaxy Note 4 to your Computer system using a USB Cable.
  9. After connecting the Note 4 to the computer system “Added” message will be displayed and the ID:COM section would turn blue or yellow. If the color doesn’t changes and the device doesn’t gets added in the Odin, just follow all the above steps again without waiting, Tried many times? Don’t worry, Ping us the problem you are facing.
  10. In Odin select the “PA” option and select the TWRP Recovery File from the Desktop/Location you extracted the TWRP Recovery.
  11. After the above step, if you completed all the above steps perfectly and has no errors then click on “Start” without making further more changes.
  12. On clicking the start button, Odin will start working and will install the TWRP Recovery on the Galaxy Note 4, wait till the file gets installed on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  13. As soon as the File is installed the ID:COM area would turn GREEN, That’s it the recovery has been installed on the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 successfully.
  14. If it turns green, then unplug the Smartphone and Reboot the Smartphone.
  15. Now to test it, Boot into Recovery Mode, Don’t know the key combinations for Recovery mode on Galaxy Note 4 ? Follow the guide : How to Enter into Recovery Mode without pressing key combinations.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed the TWRP Recovery on the Note 4 TWRP recovery Odin, was this difficult? Still Find Difficulties in installing Custom Recoveries on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Just feel free to comment here, I’ll get in touch with you ASAP. For more How-to guides and Android News stay tuned to Droidmen.

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