Lineage OS has been showing a massive growth over the past few months. Announced during the peak of the Christmas season, Lineage continues the work of CyanogenMod. The Lineage OS has been shattering records and topping many charts when it comes to custom ROMs. With over a million users using it, the OS continues to grow with every passing day. In a latest update, Lineage has now introduced quick setting tiles, and has extended support to 15 more devices. Let us take a detailed look at all that’s new:

Quick Setting Tiles

Quick setting tiles have been a core feature of the Android OS for the past couple of years. While they have always been on the Lineage OS, in their latest update new quick setting tiles have been introduced. These tiles make it easy for the users to navigate to some of the most commonly used settings and change them as per their will. New tiles that have been added are those of ambient Ambient Display, opening the volume panel, USB Tether, ADB over network, and more.

Gallery App

LineageOS has also made improvements to the gallery app. There’s a new gallery app which has been introduced after the update which brings out various improvements. These improvements include the ability to play the videos in a fullscreen mode, as well as easier navigation than compared to the previous gallery app.

15 New Devices Supported by Lineage OS

  • Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (n2awifi)
  • AT&T LG G3 (d850), updated from CM 13
  • Verizon LG G3 (vs985), updated from CM 13
  • ZUK Z1 (ham), updated from CM 13
  • International Samsung Galaxy S4 (jfltexx), updated from CM 13
  • Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 (jfltevzw), updated from CM 13
  • International LG G5 (h850)
  • T-Mobile LG V20 (h918)
  • LeEco Le 2 (s2)
  • YU Yuphoria (lettuce)
  • YU Yureka (tomato)
  • Lenovo Vibe K5/K5 Plus (A6020)
  • GSM LTE Samsung Galaxy Note II (t0lte)
  • SK Telecom Samsung Galaxy Note II (t0lteskt)
  • Korea Samsung Galaxy Note II (t0ltektt)