In recent decades, homeowners across the US have tried to live greener lifestyles to help the environment. They adopt several changes in their household, such as recycling, conserving water, and using LED lights.

But, for decades, the gold standard of lifestyle changes has been getting solar panels. This renewable energy source saves homeowners thousands of dollars on electricity and helps the environment. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario!

You can enjoy these benefits when you receive a solar panel installation for your home. To learn more about this process, keep reading! We’ll explore everything you need to know about panel installations in the guide below.

Roof Concerns For Solar Panels

Roof Concerns For Solar Panels

Most of the time, people install solar panels on the roofs of their houses. This location is usually best for receiving sunlight throughout the day.

But, there are some things to consider about your roof before you install solar panels. First, does your roof need repairs?

A weak roof could collapse under the weight of these panels. So, get any repairs done before you install solar panels. Check with a professional contractor to verify if your roof can support solar panels.

Also, consider your roof’s lifespan. Most asphalt shingle roofs have a lifespan of about 25 years. If you’ll need a new roof soon, it’s best to hold off on solar panels.

Where Should The Panel Installation Face?

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Solar panel experts have differing views about where your solar panels should face to receive the most sunlight. Most advisors would recommend having your panels face the south side of your house. However, others might recommend they face west.

So, consult your panel installation contractor about their recommendation. Following their advice can ensure your home solar runs as efficiently as possible.

Where Will the Water Run?

One advantage of slanted solar panels is that they clean themselves. Rainwater slides down the surface of the panels, cleaning off dust and debris with ease.

However, make sure that rainwater also slides off your roof. Water causes several problems when it collects on top of your home. It can leak through the cracks in your shingles, causing them damage over time. To make sure your panels are in top condition, it is better to hire experts in solar panel cleaning from Seattle. They are equipped with knowledge and tools to carry out the job efficiently.

It can also create mold and leak problems, causing your house to need repairs. Fortunately, a skilled contractor team can ensure these problems don’t occur. Mention your concerns to these professionals, and they’ll ensure you have nothing to worry about.

Federal Tax Credits

Did you know that even the federal government encourages people to go solar? A 2005 energy bill determined that the government would offer a 26 percent tax credit to homeowners purchasing solar panels. This tax credit significantly reduced the costs of a panel installation.

In 2023, however, this tax credit will shrink to 23 percent. So, install solar panels this year to receive the best financial benefits!

Get Your Solar Panel Installation Today!

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These considerations can make your solar panel installation much more efficient. In doing so, they can save you money and help the environment.

So, don’t hesitate! Find the best installation contractor today.

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