If you are searching for printing techniques for business cards that will make your company’s cards stand out from the crowd then modern technology gives you some diverse options to choose from. Whether you want a card with better durability or one that potential prospects are encouraged to take a look at there is a printing method to suit your needs. Here are five different card printing techniques that will help you to create a unique and eye catching business card.

Printing Techniques For Business Cards

– Embossing and Debossing

If you like cards with some physical texture to them then Embossing and Debossing are techniques that may interest you. These methods use a heat press technique to cause parts of the card paper to extrude or intrude. We talked with several printing professionals at IPS in Scottsdale and they say embossing involves the paper extruding so that the pattern or text you have elected stands out in relief. Debossing has the opposite effect, with concave patterns being pressed into the card. These are great techniques to use if you want to encourage a person given a card to actually look at the card. The 3D pattern they feel with the card in their hand gives them a reason to examine it further.

– Die and Laser Cut Designs

Die and laser cutting takes debossing to an extreme by cutting out parts of the card itself. These techniques can be used to cut patterns into the interior section of the card or cut out the exterior to give it a specific shape. Imagine a vehicle sales-person with cards cut to the shape of a car, for example. Or parts cut out of a logo to give it more texture and curiosity value. One downside to this technique is that it can reduce the durability of the card by giving it more places to wear and tear.

– Varnished Spot UV Finish

Varnished business cards allow for a gloss or matt finish that does a good job of protecting the card against moisture and wear from handling. The layer of varnish also stops dirt from sticking to the card and prevents the ink from smudging. For more interesting detail you can elect to use Spot UV techniques to change the gloss of the varnish and provide detail and patterning to specific parts of the card.

– Foil Printing

This business card printing technique uses a heated die to press a metallic foil pattern onto the card paper. Foil printing can be used for both text and graphics. It gives the card a rich luxurious look that stands out to the eye. A variety of colored foils can be used to provide variety and to coordinate with the background color of the card.

– Matt and Shine Laminated Designs

This technique adds a laminated coating and allows you to give your cards a protective layer with a gloss or matt finish. These are often found in the medical industry and are often given out my Doctors, like Dr. Holden in Scottsdale. The coating makes the cards moisture-resistant and durable compared to plain paper cards and also gives them an eye catching finish. This is a great technique to use if you need your cards to be a bit more robust.

These printing techniques for business cards are a great way to make your cards more memorable and to also encourage any potential prospects that you hand a card to actually look at and keep the card. A cheap card doesn’t do you much good if it ends up in the rubbish bin, so it’s worth spending some extra money to make your company’s cards something that a possible customer will want to hold on to. A bit of extra money spent can often pay for itself with a lot of extra business.

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