MS Excel is one of the most versatile and essential software for all business types. MS Excel helps one organize and manage the data in much more efficient ways. But it can get challenging for people to work and collaborate on excel if they are all sitting in different places as you can only work on excel individually.

If multiple people are working on it, it becomes difficult to know which is the latest version and if someone else is also working on it.

But now there are multiple alternatives for MS excel that are very easy and perfect for present-day scenarios. Here are some of the best excel alternatives that you can use.

Top MS Excel Alternative Apps


Lio app is one of the best applications that work as an alternative for excel. There are several templates to choose from based on your needs and requirements. The app is for people from all walks of life.

Whether you want to track your expenses, money, create a budget, work on a project or assignment, Lio serves the purpose. Lio really makes the task easier and not at all complicated for all.

Lio is not just an organizer but also great for data management. You can also upload photos on it and work in collaboration with others.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets, another of the G suite programs, is nearly close to Excel. The software requires you to have a Gmail account and that’s all really. It is another great alternative for excel spreadsheets offering all that excel offers and much more.

This free app is also portable as all files are saved on a cloud which also makes it possible to work on it on multiple devices. You can share and collaborate on the file at the same time.

Zoho Sheet

Another great budget-friendly app. Zoho sheet is free for teams of up to 20 people. This cloud-based app is easy to work on and can be used on multiple devices. Having almost similar features as excel, Zoho definitely offers a much smoother interface.

It offers charts comparable, Pivot Tables, and supports .xlsx, .xls, .csv, and .ods file types. You can collaborate with your team and work in real-time. You can also make use of visual charts and tools to make the presentations much more eye-catchy.

Zoho Sheet


Smartsheet is a great tool for all those looking for an alternative for excel. The also offers various features like Gantt charts, file sharing, and collaborative features and makes the work easily trackable.

The application is easy to use for collaboration especially for teams that are working remotely. This great project management app is also cheaper than excel.


Quip is definitely a great application that works as an alternative to excel. It offers collaborative features with the help of which people can simultaneously edit on sheets as multiple people work on it.

If you have a big intensive project, Quip is definitely an app that you should use as it consists of 400 functions. This is a paid application with impressive clientele like CNN and Pinterest. You can initially try it for free for a month and they purchase it later.

Some of the most popular gestures of Quip are chat, collaboration, cross-device access, creation of spreadsheets, documents, slides, and much more.


Offering you all the same features like Excel, Airtable is also cheaper than its competitor, Excel. You can use the app in multiple ways like organizing data, building databases of all sorts of information, and more.

It consists of an intuitive interface and creates aesthetically pleasing spreadsheets. One of the best features of Airtable is organization as it lets you categorize, store and retrieve data which means that it is also good for project management.



Numbers is an app that is popular with iOS users as it is a preinstalled free app on all iPhones and Mac. The application provides functions like reporting, high-quality data analysis, and visualization tools.

There are also many visually appealing templates, charts, and graphs to choose from to make your data aesthetically pleasing and eye-pleasing.

The app also converts handwritten numbers and data to typed texts. Another fancy feature of Numbers is that one can add videos to spreadsheets which makes working on this app a lot more fun and impressive.

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