Verizon, a Carrier launched the Motorola Droid Turbo just few weeks back and it would have been the Verizon wouldn’t have released the phone that soon, but it released the Droid Turbo just because it was leaked many number of times, once it was leaked by the Twitter Account named Droid Landing and then the leaked videos came into existence and now it’s launched and is available at Verizon beginning at $199 with a 2 year contract.


In this post I’ll be giving answers to all the queries which we came across since we started posting about the Droid Turbo.

How to take Screenshot in Droid Turbo?

This was the most asked question, not only by messages but even on some Motorola Forums and Finally here is a way to capture screenshots in Droid Turbo. Android OS comes with Flexibility which enables one to take screenshots without installing any external apps, For taking screenshots from the Droid Turbo without any External Apps : Press and Hold both the Power and Volume Down button for three seconds and you will hear the camera shutter which will confirm that you’ve successfully captured the screenshot.

To see the screenshot taken go to Gallery → Screenshots.

How to turn-on WiFi Hotspot in Droid Turbo?

This question would sound like a dumb question to a tech savvy person, but coming to a normal person it is really common to have such questions, anyways to turn-on WiFi Hotspot in Droid Turbo follow the below instructions.

  1. Open Apps → Go to Settings.
  2. Click on More → Portable Hotspot.
  3. Turn it on, you could set a Password to provide secured Access.

That’s it you’ve now successfully made your Droid Turbo a Hotspot and can use Internet on any other devices nearby who could have access to the WiFi Password if you’ve secured it.

Will the Droid Turbo Global version come?

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Well, If you’ve been to the blog we already posted out that the Global version of Droid Turbo would be available and would be known as Moto Maxx. so the answer to the question is “Yes”. Most probable that the specs would remain the same, if you are a person willing to know the Specs of Moto Maxx.

How to properly charge the Droid Turbo?

Well, the Motorola Droid Turbo comes with Turbo Charger and someone asked me out what will the Turbo Charger do? Well, the Turbo Charger is not something different from the chargers which are already existing in the market. But it comes with some additional functionality which would boost the charging speed when the battery is below 78%, but if the battery is above 78% then the Droid Turbo would charge the Phone regularly.

For proper charging of the Droid Turbo, you will have to use the standard charging which comes with the phone, Different charges comes with different charging frequencies and a weak charger can cause problems like slow charging or no charging also sometimes when you are using the phone. For wireless charging we are answering it in the coming questions.

How to Extend Battery Life in Droid Turbo?

Battery Life, Who likes having a Less Battery Life? I don’t think one would like to have a Phone with Less Battery Life? Though Verizon has placed a very good 3900 mAh Battery but users always want more. This part of the post would be an answer to the people who would like to extend the battery life of Droid Turbo, Follow the below listed steps to Extend the Battery life :

  • Turn off Location Access.
  • Turn off the Apps using GPS.
  • Turn off the apps which are not in use and consume lot of Battery.
  • Use Apps such as Greenify to Hibernate some apps which gets started automatically.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile Data when not in use.
  • Reboot the Phone and Start it again if you haven’t switched it off for once in a week.

How to Customize Quick Settings in Droid Turbo?

Quick Settings Droid Turbo

Quick Settings refers to the Setting box which appears when you bring down the notification bar using two fingers. Customization of it refers to making it in such a way that it can be used at an ease, For an instance I prefer having Mobile data just beside the profile in the quick settings, then just keep pressing the Mobile data option and move it to the desired location. The same way you can adjust whatever options you would like to see, that too in which sequence.

How to use Wireless Charging in Droid Turbo?

Wireless charging is not much common among the phones these days but there is increase in the use of Wireless charging. The Droid Turbo supports wireless charging and since it is like a new technology I felt like Adding this question would make the FAQ post complete.

To use Wireless charging on Droid Turbo you will have to place the Phone on an Optional charging pad accessory (also known as “chee”)

The Inductive charging coils in the Droid Turbo would receive the electricity wirelessly from the charging pad and the phone would get charged and as the phone would get charged the progress would be shown on the screen. For best results while Wireless charging, Align the phone as instructed.

How to update Software on Droid Turbo?

Updates are always loved as they bring in some new Features, The Droid Turbo comes with Android 4.4 KitKat installed in it and as soon as Android 5.0 Lollipop update (Android L Update) arrives you will have to update it? One FAQ is How to update Software on Droid Turbo? So here is how you will have to do :

If the Phone Notifies you about any updates by showing Notification in the Notification Bar, then simply follow that, to check for updates manually follow the blow listed steps

  • Go to Settings → About Phone System updates.
  • If there is any update available then click on Download update.
  • If no update found, it means that the update hasn’t arrived yet or not available for your device.
  • Check it after some time or some days.

For now these were some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Droid Turbo, if you have some then please post it down below and we will  try to answer the question, or guide you to the correct place. For more Android News stay tuned to Droidmen


  1. HEATH: The volume levels the phone puts out suck– my droid ultra had a louder speaker…. very distressing.

  2. This phone is excellent, beastly specs and killer battery life. Easy to hold with one hand, any bigger I wouldn’t like it.

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