Ever since releasing the first Moto Z device, one of the highlights of Motorola’s offerings has been Moto Mods. The Moto Z smartphones come with a modular interface which allow the users to make use of Moto Mods to enhance the functions of their phones. The company unveiled two new mods at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas earlier today.

Let us take a closer look at both these mods – and what benefits they have to offer:

Vital Moto Mod

‘Vital’ is a health focused moto mod released for the Moto Z series of devices. The mod is developed by Moto’s parent company, Lenovo. This mod allows you to track five vital health related metrics – heart rate, core body temperature, systolic, pulse ox and respiratory rate.

This mod also comes with a finger-cuff which allows you to test for even more health related metrics such as blood pressure. Motorola claims that it only takes about three minutes to find out the latest statistics of all five vitals. Vital is priced in at $395 and will go on sale starting April 2018.

Livermorium Slider Keyboard Moto Mod

The second mod that Motorola introduced at the CES 2018 event was made by Livermorium – which won Motorola’s ‘transform the smartphone’ challenge last year. The company started off an indiegogo campaign and the mod is finally ready now.

It comes with a full, backlit QWERTY keyboard which slides out and allows you to type using it – reminding you of the early days of Moto smartphones. This moto mod comes out into the markets at a price of $99. The mod is expected to release shortly.

Motorola, after the success of their first Transform the Smartphone challenge in 2017, are all set to hold another one in 2018. The company is currently accepting applications and the last date is that of 6th February.