Motorola entered back to the Indian market after its retirement with the Moto G First Gen. The Moto G First Gen sold in good numbers. It was the first phone to bang Flipkart’s server. Then after came the Moto X First Gen, Moto E First Gen.

Moto-G-2015-Leaked-Details.{adinserter 3}These were the first generation phones launched by Motorola, Motorola has been following the strategy of “updating the existing with new generation, instead of launching a phone with a different model”. It has been seen that all of these phones have “Second generation versions, which looks similar to the first generation versions, but have better specs which were not missing in the first generation version”.

Recently the company launched the Moto E 2nd Gen and now its the turn for the arrival of the Third generation Motorola phones. Technobuffalo, Tech site reported that a tipster sent them images which looks similar to the upcoming unannounced Motorola smartphone.

Moto G 3rd Gen (2015) AKA Osprey Leaked Images:

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Unannounced? Upcoming? Alright? But why do we give it a name Moto G 3rd Gen?

Well, the company has been following the strategy of having “generations”. After completing the generation, it begins with the next gen phones in the order in which it launched the phones. Seeing the order, First came Moto G, then came Moto X and it was followed by Moto E. The first generation series ends at Moto E. Few months later, after the launch of Moto E, the company came up with Moto G 2nd Gen and the same series was followed.

Now, The latest device which was launched by Motorola is “Moto E 2nd Gen”, and now according the company strategies, the next device to get into the market is “Moto G 3rd Gen”. However, there are chances that it could be a new addition to the Motorola family, but since the leaked screenshots looks very similar to the Motorola’s Moto G (Any gen) devices. We say it that it is the leaked “Moto G 3rd Gen”.

And recently the Moto G 3rd Gen was also leaked on the Indian eCommerce giant – “Flipkart” which signifies that Motorola is working behind to launch the Moto G 3rd Gen. However, the company hasn’t announced anything about the device officially. No details about the specifications of the Moto G 3rd Gen were found, however, there are chances that it would come with an upgraded camera and a better processor.

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