Moving to Canada involves making sacrifices and overcoming hardships. Websites like Calgary (卡尔 加里) offer excellent information for newly immigrated Chinese citizens, whether they’re looking for real estate to buy, enrolling at an educational institute, or searching for a job.

Many apps can help you get accustomed to your new life in Canada, from convenience to weather, payment transfer, and more.

Apps for Newcomers in Canada to Make Life Easier

Startup Apps

The following are some apps that can help make life easier for you as an immigrant in Canada.


Rakuten is a one-stop shop for every newcomer in Canada. The app offers multiple features allowing users to link with various online shops and services.

In addition, it provides multiple coupons, cashback rewards, and savings. You can easily buy anything from your preferred store on the app and get up to 30% cashback.

There are also weekly gift cards and amazing cyber week deals helping you save money while you buy daily essentials.

Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps

After moving to Canada, many immigrants slowly realize that the weather fluctuates significantly. On the same day, the southern and northern areas of the country experience different weather conditions.

Whether you are already living in the country or just a newcomer, the Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps app can help you stay on top of the country’s erratic weather.

Find Android Apps That Pay You Money

Jobs in Canada App

The first challenge for any newcomer in Canada is to look for the best job before they fully settle in the country. Jobs in Canada is a handy app for newcomers, featuring jobs from the most popular career platforms.

These include indeed, monster, CareerBuilder, and WowJobs, making it relatively easy for newcomers to search for jobs on a single platform without the need to make multiple accounts on every site.


If you want to transfer money overseas, then Remitly is your best partner. It is one of the best apps for money transfers and offers a fast, simple, and safe process.

You only need to create an app account to transfer money. It gives users a special exchange rate on their initial $1000 deposit and another $15 discount on a $6,000 or more transfer.

apps for money transfers

Tracking payments is super easy and stress-free. It’s also safe to use, as you’ll receive a call from the company for any transaction you make.


If you’re new to Canada, you may feel homesick and crave the type of food available in your country. Worry not, as SkipTheDishes is here for you!

SkipTheDishes app is very helpful in locating the best restaurants in your area. You can find multiple restaurants serving in your locality, and ordering is also simple and accessible no matter the time of day. The app also provides users with reward points that they can collect towards a free meal.

Moving to Canada can be stressful and challenging for many, but with the help of the apps and interacting with the locals, you can settle in relatively quickly.

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