Whenever educators and parents discuss the role of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education, there’s always a lot of debate.

Some people believe that AI will help revolutionize the educational system by becoming yet another tool for learning and teaching. Others fear that AI will impact the student’s learning curves drastically.

Some of the ways teachers and students can utilize AI in education include –

  • Grading and assisting with work
  • Recommending content based on what a specific student needs to focus on
  • Encouraging higher-level thinking skills
  • Keeping track of a class’s progress toward meeting objectives
  • Identifying areas where each student might need extra help
  • Providing individualized group or one-on-one tutoring

Modern Classroom: Role of Technology in Education

Role of Technology in Education

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are diverse and growing fields of study. They are showing up in more and more areas of life, from education to work management. According to a recent report, over 47% of Learning Management Systems (LMS) will be enhancing their products with these tools in the coming years.

With that being said, when a child fails to grasp the lesson material, it can be difficult for parents to ensure they’re on top of the new standards expected of young children. These days, classrooms are large and sometimes big enough to get lost in all the noise!

In this regard, publications, websites, and other teaching aids can help parents make sure that their kids are catching up comprehensively. For example; if your child is having difficulty grasping his/her literature, there are a wide range of literature summaries available online that’ll help your little reader understand the text better.

Students have a really hard time asking for help these days because they’re embarrassed by it. They feel like everyone in the class will judge them and think less of them because they didn’t manage to figure out the problems on their own. That is why student-assisting websites and technologies are becoming popular these days.

Technology Caters a Personalized Experience

Technology is helping students and teachers by making education more interactive and accessible for the students. With AI’s help, every student gets an individual approach based on the technology’s knowledge of what each student needs to work on to learn faster.

Because the program adapts so much information about the student quickly, it makes it possible for teachers to evaluate how effective each lesson was for their students at a glance. At the same time, students can analyze their previous learning curves. The evaluation of learning will help them to identify the knowledge gaps and determine which courses are best suited for improvement. This will help them to identify the knowledge gaps and determine which courses are best suited for improvement.

Artificial Intelligence Turns Study Materials Accessible From Everywhere

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Thanks to artificial intelligence-based programs, children can now obtain a quality education online. Without picking up their books and pencils, kids can stay on track and learn anytime, anywhere. Even if they’re too sick to go to school because of the flu, kids now have access to quality education from the comfort of their own homes.

Also, thanks to the AI-based software and learning experiences, children who live in rural areas or poor regions have an opportunity for higher quality education. It makes them no longer invisible in a system designed mostly for urban areas and wealthy families.

Technology Can Help Teachers in Task Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can free up teachers’ time so they can teach and focus on their student’s educational needs. According to a survey, teachers spend 31% of their time planning lessons, grading tests, and doing administrative work.

But they also have many other tasks such as direct learning in the classroom by instructing pupils regarding how to go about completing tasks. With automation tools, teachers can automate several processes which free up time for education workers to work directly with students.

With that being said, there are many different ways in which our understanding of education can be improved. One of the best ways to learn about new changes within this sector is to look for resources that explain what’s happening and why specifically.

While Artificial Intelligence seems like it’s something straight out of the future, it’s already a part of our lives today. Through modern technologies and specifically Artificial Intelligence, students can save time and both teachers and students can enjoy an enhanced experience.

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Additionally, everyone has different preferences when it comes to their learning methods which make Artificial Intelligence beneficial. It offers each student with quality education as well as offering a variety of ways for him/her to learn.

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