Physical Challenged people always rely on some mobile equipment that helps them for routine mobility. It is evident that several physically challenged people have to rely on several mobility aids and equipment that can get them through the day easily.

Caring for seniors and physically challenged people requires constant supervision too, but even caretakers need to rest. Some tools like bed alarms work in this respect giving respite to caregivers from a day of hard work and care.

Here is some mobile equipment that can aid physically challenged, people:

1. Mobile Hoist

The Mobile Hoist product is one that helps people who have weak knees. This product can be folded and unfolded easily while also possible to dismantle into two parts when required without the necessity of an expert or tools. This hoist maximises space for people and helps them ergonomically for lifting and transferring their weight in rotation in the hoist. This design helps the person to use without injuring their limbs in any way.

A comfortable leg spread and a fixed re-chargeable battery also include in the electric hoist. It also consists of emergency stop and lowering functions. It is portable enough, thus ideal for domestic environments and capable of handling weight up to 180 kg.

2. Alarm and Bed Pad

This alarm and bed pad is great for setting alarms whenever the handicapped patient gets up from the bed. The system includes a wireless bed alarm along with a cordless bed sensor pad. The system includes a monitor with a year’s warranty. These safety and mobility bed alarms are easy to use and ideal for caregivers to be alert and attentive to the movement of handicapped people.

The bed sensor pad is comfortable to use since it is made of soft vinyl, and can be easily wiped clean especially for people who are incontinent. The pad has to be placed between the sheets to sense body weight pressure. The alarm can be placed near the caregiver, with different sounds.

3. Transit Lite Wheelchair

The Propelled Wheelchair is robust and strong, but of lightweight construction. It is made of aluminium that can easily carry the weight of physically challenged people during travel and occasional use outside their bed space. The frame and backrest of the wheelchair are easy to fold during transport. The wheelchair also features a comfortable padded seat, padded armrests, and strong side panels. The wheels are puncture-proof wheels making them an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor use.

4. Domestic Walking Frame

The domestic walking frame is seldom used by people who are suffering from weak legs or any weak part lower than the hip. The walking frame provides ample support within the home or outside. It is made of robust aluminium tubing but lightweight too. The frame also features ergonomic handgrips that are handy for use. The legs of the frame have rubber ferrules thus making it sturdy and safe for physically challenged people to use anytime.

5. 3-Wheel Rollator

Here is a tool that provides support to the disabled people and also quite handy for storage, especially helping them to carry items on shopping trips. The 3-Wheel Rollator includes a height-adjustable steel frame too along with immensely useful puncture-proof wheels.

It helps them to get around easily, and also carry things safely. The product includes a bag, basket and tray that is ideal for all kind of errands. Any product that can make life easier for the physically challenged is worth the cost. Good safety aids give the confidence that the person can do trivial tasks by themselves especially if they cannot move or stand or walk easily.

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