Microsoft has been one of the biggest players in the software industry. The company has been around for decades and it truly is one of the most successful names in the industry. The company tends to release Android and iOS apps quite frequently these days and finally, the Microsoft Edge for Android has officially been announced today. It surprises us as to why the browser hadn’t come to the OS yet.

Microsoft Edge was first introduced when Microsoft launched the Windows 10 OS. Even before that, when the OS was still in a beta stage. It’s been out there for about three years now. However, Microsoft is finally bringing the Microsoft Edge browser to Android. This is quite noteworthy because this will help bring a seamless experience for users who use a number of Windows devices, especially the likes of the Surface series.

Microsoft commented that all the major features of Microsoft Edge which are a part of the browser on the Windows 10 OS will be available for Android users too. Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page, and Reading View will all be a part of the browser’s Android version.

Microsoft Edge for Android will first come to the users in the US, following which it would get a global release. Despite the official announcement there’s still a good three to four months before we get to see the browser available for all users. Microsoft is expected to take this app for an intense beta testing first.

Android will be the latest platform for Microsoft Edge to debut on. The browser has been a part of Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and XBOX platforms for a while now. Microsoft Edge was created as a replacement to the Internet Explorer which had been Microsoft’s mainstay for about 20 years. It would be interesting to see how the Android community welcomes the browser once it makes its way to the OS.

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