A couple of days back Meizu, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer launched the Meizu Pro 5 with high-end specs and it is termed as a ‘cost effective smartphone’ because of its pricing.

meizu-pro-5-indian-launch-date{adinserter 3}Many people don’t know about the brand but don’t know, yes, you read it right, if you all have been using the Antutu Benchmark tool to measure the benchmarks of your device then you must have seen the Meizu MX4 with the highest benchmarks? (The benchmarks have changed, but earlier Mx4 used to be one of the top devices).

GSMArena reported

“Meizu clarified that the Pro 5 will not be launching in India this year but early next year, with the Flyme OS 5.0 update out of the box”

The Meizu Pro 5 will be out in the Chinese smartphone market in October. If you know about Meizu, then you might have heard about the Flyme OS, it is Meizu’s customized version of Android, so the Meizu Pro 5 will be completely out with the Flyme OS 5.0 in china around 15th November, 2015.

The high benchmarks on many benchmark apps and good performance has obviously attracted many people all over the world, India being one of the hottest market for the smartphone companies, the company said that “Meizu Pro 5” will launch in India next year.

The company hasn’t actually announced the exact release date of the Meizu Pro 5 in India and it’s next year, so there are chances that the phone might become obsolete by time, because the devices are getting launched frequently. Till the next year there are chances that people might not go with because the specs and the device might get obsolete by that time.

Personally we at Droidmen feel, that if the company wants to get good amount of customers in the Indian smartphone market, then the current time would be the best time to let the Meizu Pro 5 hit in the Indian market. Because the market is competitive right now, many people have already created a mind-set to buy a phone and non-availability of OnePlus Two invites is one reason why people are shifting to other brands and devices which have high-end specs.

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