With the help of online business, companies are generating revenue in a bigger scale. Now, most of the businesses using online app to supply their products all over the region and this involves both technical and logistics sector. Likewise, AUTODOC App has business operating in 26 countries across the world and they are considered as prime online car parts retailers. The quality of the parts rendered in the website is also good and this helps them to retain their customers for a longer time.

Some Of The Advantages Of Using Autodoc APP:

  1. Product selection is wide and customers are able to get parts of any model and any brand of the car.
  2. The search system present in the website helps in resulting or viewing the spare parts of the car in a faster way.
  3. The app offers low prices, periodical discount and offer on the spare parts.
  4. There are also dedicated online supports that can help the customers to help in placing the parts or spares of the car.
  5. All the products displayed in the app have 2 years warranty and it attracts almost all the customers.
  6. It contains 2.5Million parts for 1210 models of 64 brands.

Importance Of Autodoc Club And Guidelines:

The car parts app offer the free self-guideline for the customers and this helps them to maintain their car in a proper way. The guidelines and video tutorials present in the app are offered by the highly experienced and qualified professional who helps customers to replace the parts by our self. There are around 2542 PDFs and 2354 video tutorials for free in the library and enable customer to select appropriate model to proceed further. All the information provided in PDF and tutorial video in a simple format for the customer’s convenience.

Other Added Futures Of Autodoc App:

  1. It offers catalogue of the auto parts in a detailed manner.
  2. It enables customers to select appropriate catalogue with the help of product code within the app and make use of it.
  3. Once the customer places their order for first time, automatically 1-click option is enabled to the customer and this reduces the time to order from the second purchase from it.
  4. The search option provided in the app is simple and enables to check for any auto parts in a faster way.
  5. They offer 15 different payment options to satisfy the customer requirement.
  6. The reviews provided by the customers about this app are good and it helps to improvise their business and attract more customers.
  7. It offers auto parts for European, Korean, Japanese, and American vehicles.
  8. Wish list is available in the app and this helps to save the car parts for future use.
  9. Enables to view the order history and has the future to re-order the same parts at any time.
  10. Order status notification helps to track the order status instantly.
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