The COVID-19 virus’ lockdown situation has left everyone frustrated from being stuck in their homes. The circumstances worsened as the conditions developed, and it became more apparent how necessary it was for everyone to maintain social distancing. However, it appears that staying in isolation isn’t having a positive effect on the mental health of people. Reports of abuse and violence have spiked in this period suggesting how difficult it is for everyone to confine themselves to their walls. Similarly, social servicing apps are experiencing an uptick as people are trying to reach out for help. Amidst all this commotion, the only thing that’s keeping people sane is technology.

Analysts always criticized the indulging nature of technology and devices, but it is evident from people’s reaction that is a silver lining in these testing times. It is helping them connect with others using social media and making it possible for everyone to support each other with actions and words. Many celebrities and artists are sharing their fun experiences and practices, which is making people maintain a healthy outlook on life. Some are posting videos of cooking and baking, while others are showcasing how they are cherishing their family time. Besides that, it is also enabling people to find the help and essentials they need, even with these limitations. Believe it or not, these small actions and gestures are what restores the faith in humanity, all thanks to technology.

People have found ways to keep themselves occupied and add colors to their life using the perks of technology. Most are trying to connect with the progressing generations in more than one way by exploring their personalities while others are taking up group activities with their children and spouses. Luckily enough, this time has allowed a lot of individuals to find the will to be a better version of themselves using technology.

Here some of the concrete ways they are benefitting from technology while in this state of house arrest


Reading is a mill of the run activity that most people love to do. This time alone has not only allowed them to read in peace, but also to take the chance and write as well. Where some people are doing it to market and promote their work, others are just taking it up to share what they have fostered over time. And with tools like the kindle eBook creator, it has become even easier for them to embark on this venture. They have the luxury to breathe life into their work with templates and designs and make it readily accessible using their social media. That is what technology has granted them.


Online courses have gained a lot of fame in these times as people are trying to polish themselves by honing their skills or add an extra skill set to their resume altogether. Dancing, cooking, fashion, music, languages, and computers are all some of the best options available to them, which they are using to their full potential. And the cherry on top is that they can choose not to do this alone, which makes it even more special.


The fast-paced life keeps us from connecting with the people that we value and love. However, the lockdown situation has allowed everyone to catch up with their families and friends. People are using their social media accounts not just to talk to people living a couple of miles away, but also to those living overseas. It has reminded everyone of the strength of bonds and relationships and made them realize what beautiful life supports they have.


Not the most coveted part, but some workaholics are using technology to keep them fully operational even under these trying situations. They have brought their work setups to home and are working from there using the aid of technology. The devices and multiple online platforms have allowed them to function remotely without any discrepancies and serve their clients with their superior services.


Being in a state of house arrest doesn’t mean that you have successfully tamed your motivations to pick up exquisite and elegant stuff from stores. Now, people are using online catalogs to go through their favorite items and ordering them from websites. Getting their beloved stuff delivered to their doorstep is as fun for them as buying them from the stores in person.


And most importantly, technology has allowed everyone to focus more on themselves and try to get fit. People are using online published tips and material on health to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many have taken up exercises and yoga practices to improve how they look and be a more balanced version of them. It is necessary in these times to pay attention to your health to become more robust against these diseases to stand firm and united.


In a nutshell, technology is offering people several paths to improve, evolve, and benefit from its many offers. Simultaneously, people are not letting this opportunity slip away from their hands and making the most of their time. If you are someone who was struggling to date to be more productive and invest your energies in the right direction, then pick an option from this list, or look up for more choices online to get you settled in.

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