Over the past few weeks, Lineage OS has been the talk of the town in the community of those who use custom ROMs. Following the dissolution of cyanogen, Lineage has released as another ray of hope for developers as well as users. In a latest update, it has come to our notice that the Lineage OS Official Builds will start releasing from this weekend!

Lineage OS official builds

Over eighty smartphones will be getting these Lineage OS official builds, and they can now start installing and running LineageOS on their smartphone. This information comes to us via the official Lineage OS Blog. The blog states that Lineage OS official builds of Marshmallow and Nougat based smartphones are starting to release starting this weekend. This most likely indicates the devices that run the CM 13 and CM 14.1 are being indicated here.

Unlike what cyanogenmod used to offer, Lineage OS will not allow root by default. An optional, flashable zip will be provided by Lineage, and it will root the system. Users will only need to flash it once. However for those compiling the ROM themselves, they can use a switch to include root.

The arrival of Lineage OS official builds is indeed quite an exciting news. For those interested in knowing how to install Lineage OS on their phones, you can check out our step-by-step guide on installing Lineage OS.

Lineage also keeps in mind that users find it quite tedious to switch from one OS to the other. In order to resolve that problem, Lineage OS plans to introduce experimental data migration builds over the next two months. These builds can be directly flashed on top of the CM 13 and CM 14.1 builds. This will ensure the users do not lose out on their apps and data while migrating from cyanogenmod to Lineage OS while installing the Lineage OS official builds.