At its peak, CyanogenMod was running in over 10 Million smartphones. At that point of time, it was considered the biggest thing to ever release for custom ROMs. However, since he last few months, Lineage OS has taken over, and as per latest reports, it is now running in over 500,000 devices, with OnePlus One being the most popular smartphone.

Lineage OS continues the work of CyanogenMod after Cyanogen Inc called it quits. Lineage has been around for a little less than 2 months now, and is already on over 500,000 devices. The official statistics can be seen on their website in the statistics section. As stated above, the OnePlus One is the most popular smartphone, with over 40,000 installs. Following that are the Redmi Note 3, OnePlus 3 and 3T, and the international variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Lineage OS, being a direct extension of the CyanogenMod, has witnessed many of the original CyanogenMod users updating to Lineage. In any case, 500,000 downloads in less than 2 months is quite a big number to achieve. Lineage is indeed here to stay! With every passing day, more and more official builds are coming out, and it is indeed an interesting time to be a custom ROM enthusiast.

For those wondering how to install Lineage OS on their smartphones, we suggest you go through our complete, step-by-step guide on how to install Lineage OS on your smartphone. We also have a guide on how to install the Android Nougat Gapps on your device.

Following them abandoning the CyanogenMod project, Cyanogen Inc shut down after various internal conflicts. However, after a lot of internal chaos, it now looks like the company that was once known as Cyanogen Inc. is now planning to rebrand itself as Andrasta. At this moment there are no details on what their plans with Andrasta are.