LG is among the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology. The brand has been around for quite a long while, and has been a major player in the markets of technology. They have managed to bring forward quite a revolution when it comes to the world of hardware design. LG, in the past has been known for many innovations such as foldable displays and more. The latest such innovation from LG releases in the form of the LG PJ9 Bluetooth speaker – a speaker that float in mid-air.


The LG PJ9 Bluetooth speaker float in the air with the help of an electromagnetic base. The device is all set to be unveiled during the CES 2017 event. The CES 2017 will be held between the 5th to the 8th of January in Las Vegas, and is all set to be an event where these exciting new gadgets will be revealed.

What also makes this speaker cool is the fact that it knows when to charge itself. The speaker will descend to the base, and begin to charge itself once the battery gets low. The LG PJ9 Bluetooth Speaker promises to deliver up to 10 hours of battery life.

Moreover, the LG PJ9 Bluetooth Speaker is IPX7 compliant, which means it is waterproof, however, it is not dustproof. The one thing that the users might consider as a little bit of a hiccup is the fact that it needs to be permanently attached to a power source.

LG teased the LG PJ9 Bluetooth speakers at the trade show recently. This speaker which hovers mid-air has a futuristic look to it. It is straight out of one of those sci-fi movies that we love to watch. This is indeed a good release from LG, and is all set to give a major boost to the goodwill of the brand.