Yesterday we posted about Android Lollipop update for LG G3 and It seems that LG is already working on an Android 5.0 Lollipop Smartphone named LG H440n, The LG H440n was spotted on a HTML 5 Test Website. According to the Image, the LG H440n scored 512/555 in Chrome Browser.

According to the sources, the LG H440n would spot a HD Display of screen resolution 1280x720p but the size of the display is not known yet, but will soon be available and the phone would be available on T-Mobile and AT&T.


The other specifications of the LG H440n are not yet found, How could one expect that when the device was just spotted, We will surely update, if we find any news about the existence of the LG H440n.

The sources have also stated that it won’t be addition to the LG G Series Smartphones, nor will it be the LG’s 2015 Flagship. There is nothing which one can predict about the International version of the LG H440n, It’s the sole decision of LG, whether it would like to launch the International version of the LG H440n or would not, and if they launch will they launch it under the same name or follow Motorola, Motorola Launched the Droid Turbo globally as Moto Maxx.

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