The LG G6 has been one of the mosta waited smartphones of the year. The wait for the release of this smartphone has been growing with every passing day, and we are now just 11 days away from the grand release! With every passing day, more and more details about this smartphone are turning up. In a latest update, it has now been confirmed that the G6 will feature a massive battery, greater than 3200mAh.

This was revealed to the Korean media today, and this report comes to them via “a senior official” in LG. While this news seems to have a dubious source, the fact is that it comes from the home country of LG. However, we recommend to take this with a pinch of salt till it’s officially declared.

This will be the biggest battery ever on an LG G series smartphone. As of this moment, the exact specifications of the battery are not known, but current assumptions are that it is somewhere between 3200mAh and 3300mAh. This is also going to be quite an improvement over last years’ LG G5, which featured a 2800mAh battery. More details on the LG G6 are likely to be revealed at the MWC 2017 on the day it is announced, i.e., 26th of February.

According to the media invites sent out by LG, our best guess is that the phone will feature a display that covers up the entire screen. This does look very interesting, and it is likely that the LG G6 will feature a phone that will have no bezels and no borders – a very interesting concept. The phone is likely to have a large display, and to power this large display, a large battery is indeed needed. As noted by various leaks in the past, this battery is expected to be non removable.