The LG G5, with its amazing features, has been one of the most awaited smartphones this year. If you are someone who has got yourself one of these, here goes the list of tips and tricks that will enable you to make the most of your brand new device. Go ahead and give it a read so that you can be an absolute master of your LG G5 and use it to its full potential.

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Customise the Navigation Buttons of the Home screen on LG G5

The home screen of LG G5 showcases Back, Home and Recent apps buttons, by default. However, you can change the order of the navigation buttons and rearrange them as per your convenience. To make this change, all you have to do is go to Settings>Display>Home Touch buttons> Button combination.

In fact, other than re-arranging the pre-existing buttons, you can also add new ones. The options of new buttons, though, are fairly limited ( Notification, Capture= or Q Slide). The customization being made, you can have up to 5 Home Touch Buttons on screen.

Restore the App Drawer on your LG G5

If you are planning on installing quite a number of apps on your brand new LG G5, the home screen, without the app tray is bound to look messy. In order to get back the app drawer, you need to go to Settings > Display > Home screen >Home and then tap on the option that says Home and App drawer. This will provide a layout for the home screen of your device and an app drawer for your apps.

You might as well have chosen the Easy Home option but that would have enlarged the font size a bit too much. In case you do not want to choose either of these options, you can download any of the Android launchers, available for free days, like Nova, Buzz, and others.

How to Unveil the Magic of Knock Code on LG G5

The Knock Code security feature, introduced by LG a few years back in the Android market, continues to be as popular as it was, at the time of its initiation. This remarkable feature enables you to set a pattern that will unlock the screen in a single step without having to turn on the phone in the first place.lg g5 4

To enable the Knock Code security on your phone,you have to choose the option that says Select Screen Lock. To activate Knock Code, you will need to pick a series of at least six taps, spreading over a minimum of three-quarters of  the display. The correct pattern will unlock your phone instantly. This feature is also capable of waking the home screen with a mere double-tap.

Show off your signature with the Always On Display on LG G5

The LG G5 enables you to have access to important bits of information even when the screen is off. This might even include your signature if you desire. For that, you need to go to Settings> Display> Always On Display and enable the feature.

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Then select the option that says Set What To Show. In case of choosing the signature option, you can simply enter your name and then choose from a variety of fonts to show off an approximation of your signature on the Always On Display.

Capture RAW Images & Do Magic with Manual Camera Mode on LG G5 – Manage Shutter Speed, ISO and a lot of things.

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To provide users an enhanced experience of photography, LG has introduced the “manual” camera mode. Besides enabling users to shoot in RAW, the Manual mode also lets you set the shutter speed, ISO and even aperture such that you can click pictures as good as a professional photographer.

Extend the Battery Life of LG G5

The Battery Saver on LG G5 is quite effective in extending the battery life of the device. This feature, which can be assessed easily via a per-installed app, will function only when your LG G5’s battery level drops below the specified battery percentage. To activate this feature, you have to tap first on the app itself and then on the slider switch at the top of the screen.

Also, you can change, as per your requirement, the battery percentage limit that will determine the functioning of the app.This app ensures that the battery life of your device will be extended by utilising two tools- the one that restricts apps in background and the other that blocks use of Always On Display.

Yet, another amazing way of saving the battery of your LG G5 is to switch on the game optimizer. You can choose either Base Optimization which adjusts the video resolution to save the battery of your device or you can choose Full Optimization which adjusts the video resolution and frame rate, thereby, saving the battery of your LG G5.

Click Beautiful Snaps with Hand Gestures or by Verbal instructions on LG G5

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The Cheese Shutter is a unique feature of LG G5 that enables you to capture beautiful moments by instructing your device verbally. The moment you say cheese looking at your phone’s camera, it automatically clicks a perfect snap of you.

That is not all, however. Even hand gestures such as holding your hand out in an open palm or curling it up into a fist enable you to take amazing shots in your LG G5 that will leave everyone awestruck.

Save Mobile Data Usage on LG G5, This tip reduces a Huge amount of data consumption.

All you need to do in order to restrict the data use on your LG G5 is to use the Smart Doctor app and choose the option that says “Diagnose” wherefrom select another option that says “Mobile Data”. Not only does this feature identify the apps which are consuming excess data but also with the option to ‘restrict background data’, the specified apps will function online only when connected to WIFI and this, in turn, will check the wastage of your mobile data.

Thus, here goes the list of tips and tricks that will enable G5 users to have the best experience possible. Go ahead and try all of these out in order to make the most of your brand new LG G5. Do comment in the section below and let us know about your feedback.

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