The LG G series has always amazed us with beast-like smartphones, LG launched the LG G5 during February of this year during the Mobile World Congress. The LG G5 is indeed among some of the best releases of this year. The smartphone comes out with top specs and is a high-end device. LG has put their heart and soul behind the creation of this smartphone, and it is indeed visible in the product.

LG G5 Review

I used the LG G5 for more than 20 days and after using it, I’d say, that I’m impressed with the performance of the phone and find it worth the price. But, the usage matters from a person to a person, A person buying a high-end device to capture good quality images would love the photo, but a person who is travelling might hate the phone because of its battery life. That’s why we will be doing an in-depth review of the LG G5 with all the specs and features which a potential buyer would be using.

Although it’s very late for the review to be published, but since a lot of people would still be having LG G5 as an option, This review would help them decide whether the LG G5 offers them the things they look in their future smartphone or not. It would also help them analyze whether the smartphone is worth the price or not!


LG G5 Look and Appearance: The Body


One would always love to own a phone which has a sturdy build and looks good. LG, with their latest flagship device, have created a work of art. The G5 comes out into the markets with a metal body, curved just at the right places to give the device an artsy look. One look at the phone & you’ll know it’s a premium product. LG has introduced various modules with the device, we shall talk about them later in this article.

LG G5 Front Side Appearance

As said above, the LG has created a work of art, The best part I liked about the phone is, The Thing Bezels. I’ve always been a fan of thin bezels and would always prefer a phone with Thin bezels over the other phones. There are no hardware buttons on the front side, but a small branding by “LG”.

By seeing the above pictures, you surely would have fallen in love with the phone. Two reasons why I’m in love with the way the LG G5 looks from the front are:

  • Thin Bezels, Who doesn’t?
  • The color on the above of the front side is also similar to the color of the display, making it feel that the display is there until the top.

What do I hate about the LG G5’s Front side appearance?

I hate the LG branding located at the bottom of the smartphone, and would have preferred physical buttons which would have helped me in better navigation. I’ve been using a lot of smartphones and a lot of the people I know also wanted the touch buttons which are there in the OnePlus Two. However, adding them at that place could be against the phone’s existing design, because, The phone is modular and the bottom can be detached, In case there was a button, then the phone wouldn’t have been modular.

Backside Appearance: How does the LG G5 look from the back?

There were huge claims made by people saying that the unibody of the LG G5 is not all-metal. One video did reveal that it wasn’t all metal, but LG shut down all the claims saying, “It is a special aluminium alloy” and when the back is being scratched with the sharp object, the Primer gets removed.

LG G5 Backside Appearance

The back side of the LG G5 looks metallic, has the rear camera, wide-angle camera, and the fingerprint scanner. It feels great to hold it in our hands and unlike many devices, It is grippy and would stay in one hand without slipping at an ease. At the bottom most part, you shall see the LG branding again with some other details.

LG G5: Top, Bottom & Side Appearance

The LG G5 has the Infrared, micro-speaker and 3.5-mm Headphone jack at the Top. The bottom of the LG G5 has the USB Type-C charging port. Coming to the sides, the Left-hand side has the Volume buttons and the module-eject button and the Right-hand side has the DUAL-SIM slot!

LG G5 Display

Talking about the display of this smartphone, the LG G5 offers the users with a 5.3 inched QHD screen. It sports a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. The screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The device also flaunts an ‘always on display’, which was later seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as well.

Closer Look to the Front Side of LG G5
Closer Look to the Front Side of LG G5

The always-on display provides the users with information such as time, notifications and battery status. This is an innovative concept from the company, and upon using the device, one would realize that this is quite a critical element, helping improve the productivity.

Processing and OS

The LG G5 releases with a powerful, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Kryo Dual Core 2.15 GHz & Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor. This gives the device a major advantage, as it is a hulk of a processor and helps the users perform multiple tasks without as much as a hiccup! The device runs on the Adreno 530 GPU, which is also popularly known for its performance in the markets. The LG G5 comes out with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

On Top of Android 6.0 Marshmallow sits the homegrown UI from LG. However, a lot of people aren’t the fan of LG’s UI, but the UI has improved in the LG G5 and works buttery smooth. An Android Nougat update is likely to arrive soon for the smartphone.

RAM and Storage

The device features a 4 GB RAM which, when coupled with the aforementioned Snapdragon 820 processor, is a great combination. The RAM and the processor complement each other, and the device runs very smoothly. However, The 4 cores of the Snapdragon 820 might get heated quickly if you are doing a lot of tasks together, for this reason, I wish the LG G5 had the Snapdragon 810 (Octa-core processor). Yet, LG has managed to optimize the phone in such a way that, it doesn’t heat a lot when you play for continuously. But I did notice some lags when I started two games and multi-tasked and switched between games.

The storage space that the LG G5 offers the users is that of 32 GB. However, it can further be expanded up to another 2 TB with the help of Micro SD cards. Buying such heavy SD cards can be costly, but if you are someone who uses around 40-50 GB on a smartphone then, you shall buy the 64 GB SD card.

When you first sign up with a Google account on the LG G5, you get an option of claiming 100 GB Free storage on Google Drive. A lot of people depend on Google Drive for storing their stuff and an extra 100 GB would surely help us store a lot of other things on Google Drive.


The LG G5 offers the users with an impressive camera. It comes out with a 16 MP primary camera at the back, and an 8 MP camera located in the front. The camera of the device offers the users with a number of features such as Optical Image Stabilisation, Laser Autofocus, Touch Focus, LED Flash, Geo-tagging, touch focus, Face detection, HDR, Panorama among others.

It is the best thing I’ve liked about the LG G5, I captured a lot of shots and, never had to spend much time focusing, yet was able to get beautiful images captured. The wide angle camera has impressed a lot of people. A lot of times when we travel we wish to capture the entire scene, but because not all phones have the wide angle camera, we aren’t able to capture the entire scene, but with LG G5, I was able to capture a lot of wide angle scenes. However, in the Wide Angle mode, the images started showing pixels when zoomed.

The Normal mode also has been quite impressive, I’ve owned a couple of high-end devices from OnePlus Two from OnePlus, Samsung S6 from Samsung, and even Apple’s iPhone 6. But, the way I was able to capture images via the LG G5 was far better than the above-mentioned devices. I didn’t have to spend much time focusing, I did capture a lot of samples while walking and I got brilliant results (It’s because of the OIS sensor).

Camera Samples from LG G5

Indoor Camera Samples

These pictures were captured inside a house or a building, which had enough light coming from bulbs or tube lights. By seeing these samples, you shall come to know how does the LG G5 camera perform in the indoor.

LG G5 Camera Samples Captured Outdoor

These are the samples which were captured outside, at a park or somewhere which were not surrounded by walls and enough sunlight.

LG G5 Wide Angle Shots

LG G5 Wide Angle vs Normal Mode Comparison

Battery and Other Details

In addition to the awesome specs mentioned above, the LG G5 runs on a 2800mAh removable battery. Removable batteries are rarely seen these days, but the G5 owes it to its modularity, which we shall discuss in our next point. I was able to use the LG G5 for around 3-4 hrs using Camera, Gaming and was connected to 4G, Did update the apps from Google Play Store as well.


However, when idle, the phone lasted a lot, although, The quick charging happened at a very fast rate and if you are someone who most often forgets to charge your device, then this technology would act as an asset. The best part of this phone is, you don’t have to worry in case your battery is down, unlike the other phones with a non-removable battery, you can remove and change the battery of the LG G5.

The smartphone offers the users with a USB Type-C connectivity and comes out in Pink, Titan and Gold colors. It also offers the users with a fingerprint sensor located at the back.

Modular Add-Ons

The LG G5 offers the users with various modular add-ons, often referred to as the ‘friends of LG’. These include the LG Hi-Fi Plus Module, which is basically an audio enhancing module. This module helps enhance the audio experience on the smartphone. It supports 32-bit, and 384KHz high-definition audio playback, and gives the users an amazing experience.

Other than that, it also features the LG Cam Plus module, which gives the users more control over their smartphone by adding a DSLR-like grip. It allows the users to capture better photographs, as well as a physical shutter button. It also adds an additional 1200mAh of battery life to the device.


If you are located in India, then you can buy the LG G5 from Amazon India at 40,000 INR and for people in the US you can get the LG G5 from Amazon US at $500. If it is not quite urgent then you can also compare the price and check out the lowest price of the LG G5 on MySmartPrice. For other countries, it is requested to visit the eCommerce site in your country or comment it below so that we shall add the site and sever better for the next time.

In case you have questions related to the LG G5 or any feedback about the article, you shall comment or contact us, We shall try to solve your problem and respond back with solutions! For more updates stay tuned to Droidmen.


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