Gone are the days when waiting for a new mobile launch took years, nowadays, every other day there is some brand launching a new device. LeTV which just got re-branded into LeEco a few days back is up with LeTV Le 1S. LeTV Le 1S is the first device which will be launched under the brand name of LeEco.

Although the LeTV Le 1S looks like an iPhone, but operates on android operating system, and to make some functions look like they appear in an iPhone, LeTV uses its own self-made EUI. We managed to get the device for review before the first sale and after using it for almost 7-8 days continuously and as a daily driver, I’m here with the review of the LeTV Le 1S.

LeTV Le 1S – Appearance, Build Quality & Design.

The LeTV Le 1S looks like an iPhone, however, this phone also reminds me of the HTC Desire 816 (as it looks like an HTC Desire 816 without microphone below the screen). The thin metallic body will make you fall in love with this phone, if you are someone who is fond of thin phones.
A lot of smartphone users like smartphones without bezels or thin bezels. However, finding a good smartphone with thin bezels is still difficult. I’ve never become so comfortable with any smartphone other than the Galaxy S6 in such a short span of time. The LeTV Le 1S is thinner than a pencil and putting it into small didn’t make me feel that it might fall down.
The LeTV Le 1S has a mirrored fingerprint sensor which is used for locking and unlocking the smartphone. The mirrored area makes holding the sensor area with grip. Being habituated to using the OnePlus Two’s center button fingerprint sensor, it took me almost a day to settle with the LeTV Le 1S’s Fingerprint sensor.

The Top of the LeTV Le 1S sits the 3.5 mm headphone jack and an infrared sensor which will be used to control TV’s mentioned in the “Remote control” app in the LeTV smartphones. The usage of infrared phones in smartphones have been reduced a lot, but if you are someone who doesn’t want to carry your remote and would like to manage your TV using a single device, then this could be a great solution to you!

The Bottom of the phone sits the speakers, The speakers are quite loud and have a good sound quality. The bottom speakers first came into existence in the iPhone, then on the Galaxy S6 and then the OnePlus Two. This could benefit the people who have the habit of listening to music when the phone is kept on some surface, so the LeTV Le 1S won’t stop the audio from being loud when it is kept on any surface.

At the backside we have the rear camera with flash fitted near it and in a little area above the center we have the mirrored-fingerprint scanner at the back. The placement of the fingerprint has been done keeping in mind the user behavior, such that while holding the phone one of your finger will be able to touch that sensor easily (without any efforts).

At the right-hand side of the LeTV Le 1S is the Volume Up & Down button and a Lock key and on the top left hand side of the phone sits the Dual SIM card slot which can be ejected using the PIN which comes inside the smartphone box. However, for the first time when you look at the SIM card area, you won’t be able to believe that it is a dual sim phone.

LeTV Le 1S Operating System & User Interface.

The LeTV Le 1S operates on the most loved android operating system, LeTV has tried to bring the entire iOS UI experience on android operating system but differently. A lot of apps which are inbuilt looks similar to the iOS version of that app. For an instance, the stock camera app present in the LeTV Le 1S looks very similar to the camera app present in the iPhone’s and the same goes with the Settings app.

The phone’s unlock screen has been something every smartphone user would have desired to have once in his life i.e. Suppose, you are trying to unlock your phone from the left hand side then the lock keypad appears on the left hand side of the screen and when you swipe up from the right side, the lock keypad comes at the right hand side. Although, not many people are not much fascinated by this feature, but it brings a great user experience.

LeTV Le 1S Recent Apps

The recent apps section is quite different from both iOS and Android, The recent apps screen looks like a mixture of both iOS and Android recent app section. On most of the Android phones, the ‘small version’ of the app is shown in a vertical list style and on iOS, you can see it in the form of one card behind another card (where card has the current app screen). But the LeTV Le 1S both Android and iOS style recent app sections clubbed and you will be able to scroll horizontally and see a lot of shortcuts to make it easy to navigate to another options.

LeTV Le 1S Notification Center - No Quick Settings

Quick settings for which Android Lollipop was loved is being ditched in the LeTV Le 1S, most of the android users get habituated to using of the quick settings on their phones. However, swiping down from the status bar here won’t bring the quick settings, so if you are someone who has been deeply into android phones then you will miss the presence of quick settings. However, the quick settings are available on clicking the recent apps button. You can also modify the quick settings and add the options which you are regularly in need of.

LeTV Le 1S Camera Quality

The LeTV Le 1S comes with a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front face shooter, however, Although, the company has placed high-end camera’s in their phones, but the image quality isn’t what we get from 13 MP camera’s.

One thing I’ve noticed while capturing the images using the camera in the LeTV Le 1S is, the way of focus is quite different from the way we focus on other smartphones. The image is too much saturated, I did try to reduce the saturation level in the camera settings, but the pics looked reddish.

LeTV Le 1S camera interface like iphone

To make the review look better we got photographer from LetTheLensTalk for reviewing the camera, A lot of praises for the budget and the way the OS is optimized, but the non-availability of HDR mode & reddish photo’s are the reasons for disappointment among people.

To capture selfies easily, the company has designed the phone in such a way that the mirrored fingerprint sensor also can be used instead of clicking on the capture button on the screen. This makes it very easy for the users with small hands to easily capture images without seeing ‘shaken’ images.

LeTV Le 1S Camera Samples Captured by LetTheLensTalk


LeTV Le 1S Camera Test By Droidmen: Camera Samples.



LeTV Le 1S Performance: CPU, RAM & Storage.

The LeTV Le 1S comes with an octa core MediaTek Helio X10 processor clocked at 2.2GHz and is paired with 3GB of RAM. While using the LeTV Le 1S, Multi-tasking was perfect, I hardly came across lags and the multi-tasking experience was smooth.

Although the LeTV Le 1S has an octa-core processor with good amount of RAM, the gaming experience wasn’t as expected. However, I was able to play some small games smoothly, but this phone got weak while playing high-end games like Asphalt 8.

Switching between apps is buttery smooth, I’ve never seen a smartphone under 12K INR having such good switching, the recent app screen is also designed in such a way that finding the recent apps and switching between is very easy. If you are someone who is just looking a smartphone for browsing, chatting, social media apps, and photography then this is something you can go for, however, if you are looking for a phone which is very good for gaming purposes then going with this can be a painful decision.

LeTV Le 1S Fingerprint Sensor.

Though designed like an iPhone, the LeTV Le 1S doesn’t have the fingerprint sensor at the front side of the screen, It has the LeTV Le 1S comes with a fingerprint sensor fitted on the mirror like part at the backside of the screen. The mirrored part is not only used for unlocking the phone using the fingerprint sensor. You will be able to use it for capturing images as well.

LeTV Le 1S Fingerprint Sensor

Talking about the responsiveness of the fingerprint sensor, The sensor was able to identify the correct finger in a single attempt – 7 out 10 times. To test the accurateness, we also tried placing the same finger in different ways and were shocked with the results. i.e. It worked accurately, like no other phone in that range could work. However, when trying to unlock the Le 1S using the fingerprint sensor with wet hands, it wasn’t quick, but it did unlock the phone.

LeTV Le 1S Battery Life.

The smartphones are getting high-end specifications, so is the battery getting. The LeTV Le 1S comes with 3000 mAh battery. We tried testing the battery drop while doing various tasks, the battery performed a way better than expected.

Around 2-3% of drop from 100% was noticed for 30 minutes of calling, However, this gives an idea, how long can 100% last only if you are just going to use it for calling. While browsing the Internet on WiFi, for 30 minutes of session 5% of battery dropped from 100%. However, while on Mobile Data, 10% of battery drop was seen for 25 minutes of data usage (3G network). The LeTV Le 1S was able to give us a screen on time (SOT) of around 3 hours while Mobile Data was on and around 3.5 hours of SOT while connected to WiFi.

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