LeTV or Leshi Internet Information & Technology was founded almost a decade ago and is the largest online video company. Recently, it has set its foot in the market of smartphones. The initial launches were three smartphones under the Le brand in their home market.

LeEco new Logo
LeEco new Logo

The company has decided to revive the brand logo from LeTV to LeEco. One sure reason for this must be the misleading nature of the logo which would make people think that it is a TV/television brand. Thus the company has gone for a logo change and is now known as LeEco. The new name was launched after a conference that was named A New Eco World. All the other social streams of company have updated LeTV to LeEco.

If the name LeTV still doesn’t ring a bell, then I must say this was the company that used a Snapdragon 820 for the first time in their smartphones. That was a real bold step from the company’s side which decided to experiment with the new processor rather than go with the old processors which already had a pros and cons list ready.

And, now that there has been a logo change, I’m pretty sure that people will start to notice the company even more. The company is ought to get loyal followers for their smartphone series as much as for their online videos. We wish you good luck with your Logo change LeEco!

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