Priced at 6300 INR in the market and available at Flipkart for 6150 on Flipkart and Snapdeal, the Lenovo A526 comes with a 2000 mAH Battery, 1 AMP Charger, USB Cable for charging and Data transfer and a Screen Guard, Earphone and having an Additional screenguard already


Lenovo A526 specifications:

The lenovo A 526 comes with a 4.5 inch 854 x480p TN screen, 1.3 GHz Quadcore Mediatek MT6582M processor with Mali-400 MP2 GPU,1 GB RAM.The phone is Powered by a large 2000 mAh battery. On the storage front the phone comes with 4 GB ROM out of which 1.8 GB is available out of the box for Apps and updates and is  expandable upto 32 GB for storing Media and App Data .The phone runs on Android 4.2.2 with Lenovo Custom UI. The phone has a proximity sensor and an accelerometer.

Lenovo A526 Review Benchmarks:


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During our tests the Lenovo A526 scored:
Antutu Benchmark test : 20026.
Auadrant Standard : 5983.
Vellamo : 1504 in chrome Browser, 1274 in multicore and 668 in metal.

Nenamark 2 : 59.3 FPS.

Lenovo A526 review: Gaming

The Lenovo A526 includes some games like Real football 2014, Asphalt 7 etc, Additional game data is to be downloaded in order to play asphalt 7. The Lenovo A526 has a 2000 mAH battery and a 480p 4.5 inch display and so it can play games for hours. When not running any games we always found more than 600 MB of free RAM.

The games that were played on the Lenovo A526 were:

Subway Surfers: The Lenovo A526 plays the game very well, the colors were rendered very good and the touch was very responsive.
Dead Trigger 2: The Lenovo A526 handles the game pretty well.
FrontLine Commado 2: The Lenovo A526 plays the game pretty well and we played the game for hours without any issues.
Guradians (official indian air force game): This game is a real life test of the accelerometer sensitivity and the 3d rendering. The Lenovo A526 played the game really well.
Temple Run 2: The phone played the game well, tilting to collect coins was easy,the touch was responsive and the colors were rendered good without any lag.

Conclusion: All the promising benchmarks come to be true here in the gaming experience and it can go on and on, We didn’t find any Lags in the Games Played, The Phone didn’t get heated that much too.

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Lenovo A526 review Battery Stress Test

A day ago i had tested the battery standby by making some 15 minutes of out going calls and with the battery drop the talk time estimate was of 5 hours 12 minutes. But very few people use phones for only calling so here is a Battery stress test. We tested the battery of Lenovo A526 with various back to back tasks.

Task 1 : Playing Subway Surfer for 9 minutes at full brightness,and 0 volume,wifi connected.
Result : 4% battery drop.
Conclusion : Phone can play Subway surfer for 3 hours 45 minutes on full charge.

Task 2 : Dead Trigger 2 for  full brightness,full speaker volume,wifi connected.played for 19 mins.
result : 10% battery drop.
Conclusion : The Lenovo A526 can play Dead trigger 2 for at least  3 hours 10 minutes.

Task3 : FrontLine Commando 2 for 38 minutes,speaker on full,brightness on full,wifi connected.
Result : 20% battery drop.
Conclusion : The phone can play frontline commando 2 for atleast 3 hours 10 minutes.

Task 4: Playing Guardians game for 19 minutes,full speaker volume,full brightness,wifi connected.
Result : 10% battery drop.
Conclusion : The phone can play Guardians for atleast 3 hours 10 minutes.

Task 5 : Playing Temple Run 2 for 8 minutes, full speaker volume,full brightness,wifi on
Result : 4% battery drop
Conclusion : The phone can play temple run 2 for atleast 3 hrs 20 minutes.

Task 6 : Playing music for 20 minutes from memory card via earphones on full volume wifi connected,screen off.
Result : 3% Battery drop.
Conclusion : The phone can play music for atleast 11 hours from memory card with screen off.

Task 7 : 1 hour of watching youtube videos over wifi via earphones,screen maximum brightness.
Result : 24% Battery drop.
Conclusion: The phone can play youtube videos over wifi for around 4 hours.

Overall conclusion: It’s pretty hard to kill the full charged battery of Lenovo A526, note the Battery was a New Battery and the results may vary from places to places and the condition of the Battery.

Lenovo A526 review camera.

The phone comes with a 5 inch fixed focus rear and a 0.3 MP VGA camera at the front. The phone performs good in daylight outdoors here are some camera samples,The phone takes 5 Megapixel images and captures 1080p videos at 30 fps.

Available photo modes are Auto, HDR, Face beauty, Panaroma, Multi-Angle view, Smile detection,etc 

Here are some camera samples (click to enlarge)

lenovo a526 camera sample lenovo a 526 camera sample Lenovo A526 camera sample Lenovo a526 camera sample Lenovo A526 Camera Lenovo A526 camera Lenovo A526 Camera sample Lenovo A 526 camera sample Lenovo A526 Camera Sample Lenovo A526 Camera Sample Lenovo A526 camera Sample Lenovo A526 Camera sample










 The phone does not have any flash so low light and indoor photos should be avoided.

[youtube id=”rFAN1GzN380″ width=”800″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

The Camera records videos in 1080p, The Video sample is shown above, Have a look at it, we found the camera recording videos better.

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