When Google announced the Google Pixel smartphones last year, it was all about the exclusivity. The phones came with an exclusive launcher, which works only on the Google Pixel. There are a number of ways by which users can get a similar look and feel on their phones. However, most of these Pixel Launcher replicators are hard to install as they require a root, and the ones which do get installed do not come with the Google Now integration. This problem has finally been solved by Lawnchair.

The Lawnchair launcher comes out with the Pixel launcher along with complete Google Now integration. The Google Now integration has been something which had been missing from these Pixel launcher apps for a long while. However, Lawnchair finally brings the complete solution. Your Android phones will truly feel like the Google Pixel now.

Developed by Till Kottmann, the Lawnchair launcher brings Google Now integration because it has been recreated entirely from ground-up. While this is quite a pain in the neck, this has been worth it. The developer has managed to create the perfect solution – as you can now get past both the problems – that of rooting your phone, and that of getting the google launcher integration.

Complete List of Features of Lawnchair

  • Google Now Tab
  • Pixel Pill / Bar
  • Experimental Pixel Launcher features
  • Iconpack support
  • App renaming
  • App Hiding
  • Adaptive theming
  • App tray transparency
  • Changing Icon size
  • Changing grid size
  • Save scrolling position in apps tray
  • Notification badges (Enable Notification access for Lawnchair in settings to enable)

How to Install Lawnchair

The app can be downloaded from the official github link. The APK will then need to be installed on your phone, make sure your permission settings allow you to install external apps. This is indeed one of the best ways to get the Pixel Launcher with all its features working on your Android phone.