Humans love shortcuts, be it shortcuts to finish a task or it can be shortcuts to success, the list goes on forever and at many times it is said that taking shortcuts give pains in long run, but Emberify has come up with a product named “Launchify” which adds shortcuts to the mostly used apps below the notification bar and enable quick access.

Launchify Android App

The 4 MB sized app is compatible with all Android devices which operate above Android 4.0.3 Ice-cream Sandwich. Well, to the people who install UC browser or are avid UC browser users might have seen such shortcuts when they scroll down their notification bar. However, the shortcuts provided by the UC browser are not much quick and responsive as the ones provided by Launchify.

Launchify Overview.

Well, as described above the Launchify creates the shortcuts to the most used apps, It creates the shortcuts of the 6 most used apps. So in short it basically knows about the next app which you are going to open. It is a strip like list, which is found when you scroll down the notification bar.

Launchify Home Address Navigation

Launchify Also Helps in Navigation.

The app is not just limited to setting the most used apps as shortcut, but to make your travel easy, Launchify will allow you to set your “Home & Work Address”. I know many of us won’t use this feature because, no person uses “Maps” to travel to their home from their work places. However, you can edit the addresses and use the addresses while travelling from one place to another place which you don’t know.

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Launchify Allows to Add & Hide Custom Shortcuts.

Since this app adds shortcuts based on the usage, sometimes at a point of time you might be using an app more and you might not touch your favourite app, in that case the Hide Apps Shortcuts Launchifystripped list will not have the app you usually use the most, so in such cases, the developer has added “Hide apps” feature which will allow the users to exclude the apps which they don’t want to appear there.

In contrast to the “Hide apps” feature Launchify allows you to add custom apps to the stripped list. Well, we all get habituated to a particular location, when we access things from that location. But sometimes we prefer our own custom list to be shown, so that when scroll down the notification bar, we see all our favourite apps and select the one to be used.

[appbox googleplay com.emberify.launchify]

Upgrade to Launchify Premium

Launchify Premium Features

Another wonderful thing about the app is, you can upgrade to Launchify Premium (with a little money) and enjoy far more superior service. Do not mistake Launchify as a Launcher. It’s an APP. It provides a smart shortcut to reach your favorite app. Also, it makes using your phone during driving easily.

Launchify App in the Dropdown Menu

How does Launchify Look?

Here is a snapshot from OnePlus 2 which shows 6 apps – WhatsApp, Facebook, Caller, Instagram, Clean Master and Camera. One tap and you can directly hop into the app and get your work done. Since shortcuts save time and time is money, when are you installing it?

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